LeStream drops their roster
#Pro League

We just learned that at the end of the month, LeStream will drop their Rainbow Six roster and both the players and staff with be out of contract. What does this...

Meet Pan, a Rainbow Six cosplayer !
#PL Finals

Obviously, when you go to a LAN, either a Major or Minor, you expect to see the teams fight against each others until there only one left that will raise that t...

#Major Raleigh
Aug 12, 2019
We met Rogue before Raleigh major

  Hello and thank you for answering our questions.   This is an unusual start of the the Pro League for you. How it is going within the...

#Major Raleigh
Aug 11, 2019
Interview with FaZe before the Six Major of Raleigh !

Major 6 Raleigh is fast approaching! For this occasion, we have booked a series of small interviews with the various teams present. Today we are...

#Major Raleigh
Aug 11, 2019
Meeting with Pojoman from TSM, before Raleigh's Major!

TSM was not born a long time ago, however they impressed everyone many times. They qualified for Raleigh's Major and it is only the beginning....

#Major Raleigh
Aug 11, 2019
Interview with ForZe before the Raleigh 6Major !

After France, it's the turn of the United States to welcome the 6Major. It's in Raleigh that the best teams LATAM, APAC, EU and US...

#Major Raleigh
Aug 10, 2019
Meeting with Elemzje from Team Secret, before Raleigh's Major!

They won the Minor in Las Vegas with the new player, Ferral and now they prepare to battle the 16 best teams in the world...

#Major Raleigh
Aug 09, 2019
We met with Rampy from SpaceStation Gaming before the Major in Raleigh!

  Just a few days before the Major in Raleigh we met with Rampy from SpaceStation Gaming who kindly agreed to answer our questions.  Hello everyone, thank...