Ninjas in Pyjamas acquires a team in Rainbow Six

The day has come to take the next big step in the world of esports. Being an organization in the forefront of competitive gaming, we’re always searching for t...

Millenium win in Austin

The first ever Rainbow Six DreamHack minor was held last weekend in Austin, Texas. Some of the biggest teams from the Rainbow Six pro scene came to fight for th...

Information about Para Bellum

Para Bellum, the newest Rainbow Six : Siege operation, is set to come out on June 7th 2018 for all platforms! Here is all of the information you need : Relea...

#Pro League
Sep 09, 2018
Meet AceeZ

We met with Maurice "AceeZ" Erkelenz, the newest addition to French team Millenium.   Could you please introduce yourself as a player? I have started playing siege almost...

Aug 30, 2018
Paraa joins T3H team !

German player ‘Paralyzed’ aka ‘Paraa’, joined T3H’s line-up, as announced on Twitter by the organisation on Wednesday 29th. Previously, Paraa was part of the OrgLess’s line-up....

Aug 29, 2018
Overtime makes its come back on Rainbow Six Siege !

The French organization Overtime announced, on Sunday 26th August, its return with a brand new team. Until now, the structure has not participated in any Rainbow Six...

Aug 24, 2018
The 2019 Six Invitational will take place in February!

As usual at international events, Ubisoft used the Six Major as an opportunity to reveal its plans concerning Rainbow Six esport. First of all, Ubisoft announced...

Aug 12, 2018
Six Major - Meet Nora-Rengo

With the Six Major coming up in just a few days, ESIX has had the opportunity to ask CrazyPapiyoN from Japanese team Nora-Rengo a few...

Aug 12, 2018
Six Major - Meet Element Mystic

A few days before the kick-off of the Paris Major, ESIX asked h3dy from Korean team Element Mystic a few questions. Could you introduce your team? We started as...