After Evil Geniuses, it is now time to meet the 1UPeSport players. They qualified as myRevenge for the second season of Challenger League and they earned a spot in Pro League the following season as Mysterious Monkeys.

It was the first time they reached this level of competition and it was not an easy one as they were eliminated. Since then, they have been working on their roster to increase their chances for their second Pro League and for the Six Invitational.

Just a few months ago, it seemed quite unlikely to see you at this Six invitational. After having beaten Team Vitality in the relegation playoffs, you had secured your spot for the third season of Pro League. You came up against ENCE and Supremacy, but both matchups ended up being pretty one-sided. In your opinion, did your lack of experience against Pro League teams end up costing you those two games?

ripz: It was mainly a combination of too little experience and too little preparation. In addition, we had no fixed line-up at that time because two weeks before the start of the season one of our players decided to leave the team. All these changes made it incredibly difficult for us to have just a little chance against Pro League veterans like ENCE and Supremacy.

You ended up recruiting two players (Hungry and PARAA) as a result from Planetkey Dynamics’s disband, thereby adding a bit more experience to your line-up. What was the key motivation behind these changes? Was it your overall performance in the season 3 of Pro League or was it PkD’s disband?

ripz: Of course, after Season 3, we knew something had to change. Nevertheless, we decided to take a little break first, so everyone could decide for himself how and if he wants to keep on playing. A few weeks passed and we kept looking for German players with whom you could build something new. That's when PARAA and Hungry come into play. We knew that with the right leadership the two had huge potential. Bolli was the first one to come up with the idea of building a new team with the two of them. After PkD was not able to keep their Challenger League spot we got in contact with Hungry and PARAA. They seized the opportunity and joined us.

Lazzo, after these arrivals, you left the team’s main playing roster to become their coach. Was it a difficult decision to make? Was the transition from player to coach flawless?

Lazzo: The decision was not that hard before we picked up Hungry and PARAA I already said for myself that I don’t have enough time in the next six months to play nearly every day. But I wanted to stick with my mates and I was organizing the team even before I was the official coach so the change from player to coach was flawless with just some little things I had to change and learn.

You had very encouraging results right from the start in the Six Invitational open qualifier. Shortly afterwards, you picked up KS following his kick from PENTA Sports. How was the link between him and the team established?

Hungry: PARAA and me knew KS from several offline tournaments. We have had a quick talk about our goals as a team and playing with KS worked out immediately.

In the closed qualifier, you managed to beat EnD Gaming and i don't know and joined Supremacy for the decider match. After a good fight, you ended up losing to them. Your last hope was to get an invite. Did you really think you could get one?

Lazzo: We thought about the option to get a Wildcard after our loss but on the other hand we thought that we didn’t have a chance against Millenium which is a very known Pro League team with a huge crowd behind them. So it was very impressive for us that in the end we were the team picked by Ubisoft to fly to Montreal.

You will start off the competition with a match against Evil Geniuses, the title holding team. As the underdog of this matchup, how will you approach the game?

PARAA: We will treat them like every other opponent we have faced in the near past. We are not afraid but we have a lot of respect towards them.

Depending on the results of other games, you might then come up against PENTA Sports. Is there some kind of rivalry with them or would it just be like any other game?

KS: At the end its just like every other game. Well I’m pretty sure that everyone wants to beat their former team to show them that you aren’t a bad player or something like this. But again, it’s more like every other game and no one should take this too seriously.

Keeping in mind that you have quite a challenging group, what are your objectives for the Six Invitational?

ripz: Of course we are here to win! For now our main goal is to get out of the group phase. After that, we overcame one of the main hurdles.

Finally, is there in your opinion a specific team people should keep a close eye on during this tournament?

Vale: Definitely Supremacy! They can counterstrat the hell out of you and their playstyle is the perfect counter to aggressive playstyle teams.

As a reminder, 1UPeSport is composed of:

Tom "Vale" Riedel 
Jan "ripz" Hucke 
Christian "PARAA" Can 
Lucas "Hungry" Reich 
Niklas "KS" Massierer 
Lasse "Lazzo" Klie  (Coach)

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