The 3DMAX team is the last team to be qualified for the Paris Games Week. After loosing in a crazy game facing DEUS Esport, Undead and his teammates qualified afterall against Overtime in the Loser Bracket's (7-6). Interview with Undead before the 6CUP.

How was the journey during the qualifier ? Was the frequency of matches difficutl to handle ?

Our journey was pretty complicated, we have tried to change our gameplay towards the Challenger League and it did not pay. The frequency of matches was clearly not favorable and some changement was necessary.

What are your goals for the 6CUP ? How will you prepare for this ?

Our goals are the same as every other teams, going as far as we can. Our 8th seed theoretically makes us face Millenium. It is a team I know well and their last roster change gave them a good dynamic. So we will take this match with less stress as possible since we are outsiders.

You are still in the playoff's race in Challenger League, what would be necessary for your team to ensure your position before the 6CUP ?

One victory is necessary. But with this season of Challenger League ending with playoffs, we will aim towards third place to play against ENCE again.

What was your reaction when you qualified ? What will be your reaction if you win ?

Obviously it will be a big relief. Being in Challenger League (top 16 Europe, theoretically) but not being top 8 of your own nation is a bit crazy. Our qualifier matches were very complicated and it shows again that France is a country full of talents. We almost did not qualify. So we are so relieved to be able to go to Paris.

Which teams do you fear the most ?

There are no teams we are afraid to play against.

Something to say to your fans ?



Follow the 6CUP 2018 at the Paris Games Week in the Hall 3 on the Ubisoft scene or on Twitch and Youtube, October 27th and 28th 2018 with Scok, Furious and Sixquatre !