Shortly after their line-up split, ARES-Esport announced an ambitious project that might very well shake the Rainbow 6 scene as we know it.

"The best team will win a one year contract, 1 ,500€ per month per player"

We reached out to  TORTANK the Ares e-sport director for a commentary regarding Ares' future.

We were worried that ARES would already leave the Rainbow Six train. Can you guarantee that you are here to stay on the scene ?

Yes, Ares is here to stay. In order to recruit a new roster we are organizing tournament in which eight team will compete to win a contract with us. If the winning team is already tied to an organization the latter will be compensated up to 10,000€ depending on different criteria.

Incredible ! Don't you see this as a big risk ?

No we're serious about this ! If we want Rainbow 6 to succeed someone has to come and deploy the resources to develop the e-sport scene. We have to see the big picture and give what it takes to make it. We hope that the tournament will be a success. If it does why not develop our own tournament series ? At any rate, we decided to invest in R6 because we have faith in this scene.  

A big tournament to win a contract is never before seen on Rainbow 6 !

If we were waiting for something big when ARES-Esport announced their coming to the R6 scene, we had to be patient and wait for the big leap. This is it.

TORTANK gave us exclusive coverage of this event and gave us all the informations:

8 teams in LAN 
4 invited teams + 2 open qualifiers (qualification of the two finalists)
Attendance of Ares Sport's ambassador during the play-offs (Soccer players such as Feghouli, Lemina or Sissoko)

The prize of this event ?

A one year contract with Ares.
1,500€ per month per player.
Access to a gaming house
Affiliation to Ares Sport's ambassadors

With these informations we can be sure that Ares are stepping in the R6 scene and will most likely  disrupt the economic landscape of the game. Is it for the better ?

The ESIX editorial board believes so. The contracting system in Rainbow 6: Siege is still in its early stage. The economic system  used by the organization could now leap forward. The R6 followers will most likely welcome this initiative but what aboout the other organizations ? Will they line up with this economic boom ? Could we start to see bigger organization come to Siege ?

Those are legitimate questions that should be answered in the coming weeks ! In the meantime, we're dying to see what's to come. What about you ?

Presentation video from ARES

*(The affiliation lets the players take advantage of the fame of the ambassadors to be more visible on social medias)