And now we have for the second day in a row an interview from a brazilian team. The region is well represented during the Six Invitational with one quarter of the teams coming from LATAM. This time it is the players from Black Dragons e-Sports who took time to answer our questions.

After representing V3 Masters at the beginning of the year, they joined Black Dragon e-Sports with the sole objective of becoming the best LATAM team and why not best world team. Even if the second season was not as successful, they did really well during last season's Pro League and will strongly tackle the Six Invitational.

At the beginning of Year 2, most of you joined V3 Masters with great results and you were able to make it to the semi-final of the Pro League. Were you expecting such fast success?

pzd: Actually, we never expected anything that we achieved with V3, everything was a big surprise, since the match against Keyd Stars that we were losing 2 maps to 0 and we came back to qualify to Poland, there we studied a lot all the teams and surprised them!

The second season is a little more complicated and you finish 3rd in Pro League but still win the first edition of the Brasileirão. It is around that time that Thyy and ninexT decided to stop playing as pros. Was it their decision to stop their career or did you decide to dismiss them?

Twisterm4n: It was their decision, ninexT wanted to play other games and stream PUBG, and Thyy wanted to travel and build a life on a different country to get new life experiences!

You then added julio and wag, two players coming from then competing teams. Why did you pick them?

Twisterm4n: After Thyy and ninexT quit, we needed some great supports to complete the team, and Julio was leaving BRK after his season and he already played with another awesome support wag, together they were champions and played extremely good, since we had a good attack composition, we needed a good defense too, and they are the best at it!

You had a great finish this year by winning the LATAM Pro League and 2nd at both the Pro League and Brasileirão. Did you think you would make it to the Six Invitational as the best way possible like you did?

wag: The team potential grows with every scrim, I believe when a team works together for a long time, they achieve a better gameplay together, so I believe that ours results gonna be better than before!

You will face YeaH! Gaming in your first game at the Six Invitational, one of the other three brazilian teams qualified. In over a year, the region went from being absent to having one of the strongest representations. Did you ever think this was going to happen after watching last year’s Six Invitational?

Kamikaze: Yes, it was expected because since the beginning of siege I believed and lived the potential of Brazilian teams!

Your group has brazilian players that you probably know but also americans from Elevate and french players from Supremacy. What do you think about them?

Kamikaze: I guess it gonna be one of the most difficult groups in the invitational cause every team in it are very strong, every single game will be great to the crowd!

With your dynamic and gameplay you are one of the favorites to win it all and bring it home. Even with that do you have a bare minimum as an objective?

pzd: Our goal is always to beat any team in our way, prove to everyone we are the best and we can beat any team, and we are practicing a lot to do that!

Lastly, if you had to bet on a team capable of unexpected results, who would it be?

Everyone: All the qualifier champions teams, but principally the APAC and Europeans!

As a reminder, Black Dragons e-Sports is composed of:

João "Kamikaze" Gomes 
Gustavo "Psycho" Rigal 
Pedro "pzd" Dutra 
Julio "julio" Giacomelli 
Wagner "wag" Alfaro 
Marlon "Twisterm4n" Mello  (Coach)

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