Today, the ESIX team met Canadian, Captain of the Continuum's Line-up. It was a real pleasure to meet a world champion of the R6S scene. He answered to our question without political-speak and we enjoyed that !

 Crédit : R3siak


Hello Canadian, it's nice to meet ! How are you ?

I’m doing pretty good thanks! Hope you are as well.


I'm good, let's begin the interview shall we ? Can you introduce yourself, and tell us how and when, your R6 adventure has begun ?

So my name is Troy and I go in game by the name Canadian. I got started into Rainbow Six about a month after it’s release in January 2016 when I bought the game just to kind of try it out casually. I immediately fell in love with the unique take Siege had on a shooter and being a very competitive person instantly I looked for every possible opportunity to compete.


Being a R6 ProPlayer make your life easier or it doesnt change anything ?

I wouldn’t say it makes my life easier but it definitely makes it more enjoyable since I’m doing something I really care about and love the whole time and putting so much effort into it. The reason I wouldn’t say it makes it easier though is because I put more time into this than I would put into a regular job or school and lots of extra effort of preparation etc. trying for myself and my team to become as good as possible.


« Which is still quite a bit surreal to me »


Is it already happened that you've been recognized walking in the street by fans ?

It hasn’t happened at home just yet but every time I go to a Rainbow Six related even I am recognized by so many people which is still quite a bit surreal to me.


You're Captain for Continuum, an US Org, what are your objectives for this season ? What do you expect of the next months ?

The last two seasons we haven’t necessarily had the best results and because of that I think some people have began to kind of write us off and not really think we’re a top competing team anymore. I’d say our main goal is to get back into that top form where there isn’t anyone who we can’t compete with. Of course on top of that though I’d be lying if I didn’t say myself and my teammates are looking to become the best team in the game and aren’t satisfied with anything other than that, however of course that will take some time with a new meta and new lineup to work our way up to that.


What do you think about US ProLeague and which is your most dangerous rival for you ?

I’d say our most dangerous NA opponent in my eyes is probably Elevate, they have some really talented individual players and have some pretty unpredictable playstyles on an individual level which is never easy to play against. Also they’re the only NA team who has also won championships (on Xbox) so I think they’re the only other NA team that fully grasps and understands what it takes to win.


Do you follow the EU ProLeague ? If yes, what is your opinion about those EU teams ? Is it really so hard to play against EU LU ?

I do follow EU Pro League as there’s of course always opportunities to learn strategically and also for preparation if we qualify for LAN. I think EU has lots of really strong and competitive teams and overall the region is a lot more methodical and disciplined with more well thought out and elaborate strats than the other regions typically. However I don’t think it’s necessarily “so hard” to play against EU line-ups, in my personal experience it’s probably the region I like playing against most since they are very disciplined I think it makes them a lot more predictable which I prefer to play against.


« French teams are still all very strong and competitive »


Well, as you know ESIX is French so I'll ask something about French teams. At this moment which is the best one ?

I don’t really have any experience playing against the French teams recently so it’s hard to say, obviously from results Millenium would probably have to be considered the best one since they were the only one to qualify for Y2S2 LAN. However I do think the other French teams are still all very strong and competitive, especially Supremacy after their showing in Pro League last season.


Now let's talk about Updates

What do you think about « Operation Health », does it really work ? Did you notice real change compared to before ?

I think obviously it would be nice if Operation Health fixed everything in the game and there were no more issues like some people assumed it would. However I think it was a bit silly to assume that, at the end of the day when updates come out in games bugs come along with it. The improvements that did deploy in Operation Health I am personally pretty satisfied with, especially the lighting rework.


And what about the « Blood Orchid » ? Does the meta will change because of new operators ?

Yes of course the new Operation Blood Orchid changes up the meta, with 3 new operators and some balance changes coming in the meta is bound to change. One of the big things that changed up the meta especially is the new smoke grenades.


Did you have enought time to prepare new strat (with new operators) ?

I think we had enough strategies prepared with the new season launching by the time Pro League started. Obviously we could have came up with more or improved on them more if we had more time but I’m pretty happy with what we ended up with.


Well, I think we're good. I give you the finale words :

Thanks to all the true fans and supporters of Continuum that have supported us regardless of our rocky last couple of seasons, we hope to make you guys proud this season and return to the form we know we’re capable of. Thanks for having me and keep supporting the competitive Rainbow Six community :).


Thank you Canadian, we wish you the best with Continuum ! Good Luck in PL !

You can find his twitter here and his twitch here.