As expected, Could9 have finally announced their arrival on Rainbow Six : Siege. After having welcomed top tier organizations such as EvilGeniuses, FaZe, NiP and Fnatic, the community was eager to see the famous North-American team join the scene.  C9 made their acquisition of the former BeastCoast roster official on June 18th via their Twitter account.

Cloud9 are mostly known for their League of Legends and CS:GO line-ups. Their CS:GO roster has been impressive throughout the years and peaked last January when they won their first and only Major. As for League of Legends, their roster has won many NA LCS and a few IEMs but has been quieter in recent years.

It is the 12th biggest organization in terms of total revenue in esports history with $6.755.853 earned throughout 563 tournaments. Their CS:GO section alone has won over $2.000.000. These numbers are solid evidence that huge organizations trust Siege and its potential as an esport. Let us just hope they will not face the same fate as CLG!


“We always like to hit the ground running when we enter a new space and I know this roster is going to help us achieve just that. Can’t wait to see them in action!”                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                    — Jack Etienne, Cloud9 CEO & Founde

The roster C9 have picked up is 80% American, as Canadian IGL Davide "Foxa" Bucci completes the line-up. Their choice seems like a risky bet to many observers as while their roster has famous players, some of them such as Laxing (ex-CLG) have not performed up to expectations recently. C9 will however be the only gender-mixed team in Pro League with the inclusion of their female captain Lauren "Goddess" Williams. An organization as huge as Cloud9 will hopefully spread the idea that women have a place to compete alongside men in esports.

Despite a disappointing result at DreamHack Austin, we wish Could9 the best on Siege and hope they will reach their goals.

As a reminder, this is how Cloud9 will line up :

Lauren ''Goddess'' Williams
Gabriel ''Laxing'' Mireles
Davide ''Foxa'' Bucci
Brandon ''Shlongii'' Escamilla
Alexander ''Retro'' Lloyd


Translated by @Chevrotte