It is time to pay attention to the brand new Counter Logic Gaming, the other defending champions of this Six Invitational. Already winners of the last Six Invitational on Xbox wearing the colors of Elevate, the Americans will try to keep their title on PC this year.

The transition from console to PC went quite well for the players who qualified straight for the Pro League from the first season of Year 2 and were even part of the world finals during the first two seasons. The last season however was a mixed performance but the work was already done since their finals from the second season already qualified them to the Six Invitational. Their captain, Skys, took some time to answer our questions.

Last year you already participated in the Six Invitational but on Xbox One. Of all of the teams that were present, only Supremacy and Mindfreak will again be there. Even if the Australian team changed a lot this year, do you have any special link with both of them?

I think that personally we all have the same feeling of accomplishment coming from Xbox to PC and being successful. It was a tough transition and we can all say we made it from one platform to another which proves Xbox can compete on PC.

You were able to make it to the Pro League in the first season and even make it to the world finals. Seems like everything went pretty well! Did you still encounter some challenges with the One to PC transition?

Personally I think all of our issues was learning the keyboard and getting comfortable with the mouse. Game knowledge was still there from playing on Xbox and it transitioned. PC play-style is way more passive and strat heavy than Xbox was which we have adapted too pretty well.

The second season is more of the same with reaching second place which enables you to qualify for the Six Invitational. However, season three is not as predicted and Most Wanted was able to take you out of the competition. Have you been able to figure out what went wrong?

Season 3 was the sloppiest Pro League season I think we ever had when it came to communication and practice. In games people did not react quick enough or listen to calls made. Overall the team effort from us was a disappointment & Most Wanted had much better team play than us. After our first losing season we realized our issues and have got it all figured out. I won't go into specifics what was changed but we look like a different team in a good way. We will be ready for the invitationals.

Just recently, you joined Counter Logic Gaming, a well-known organization for other e-sports games. How did it happen and what will this bring to you?

Once we heard FaZe & Liquid were coming into the scene the team knew the game was going to blow up. We as a team really wanted an organization that could provide us a more professional environment and support us more when it came to preparation for games. We messaged a few organizations and caught interest from a few including CLG. CLG also at the time was looking into the RB6 scene. After discussions CLG seemed the most interested in us as a team and the game itself so we continued talks with them. After a few weeks CLG had acquired us from Elevate and have been nothing short of amazing since the transfer. They can provide us the chance to boot-camp before events, a better living & exposure to us as players and the game.

You will start the Six Invitational by facing Supremacy. You had met them last year in the semi-final of the Six and you had won this match-up. How will you approach this game? Then you will be facing a brazilian team, either Black Dragons or YeaH! Gaming. What do
you think about them?

We will approach the game with the same mentality we do every game. Winning is all that matters. BD and YeaH are both amazing teams and their play-styles really represent Brazil which i think is unique. I'm stoked to play either team.

After winning the Xbox Six Invitational last year, is your goal to also get the title on PC?

Of course, we 100% want to win every title. We are beyond hungry for the invitational. We want to be multi-platform world champions.

Lastly, is there a team that you are specially on the lookout for?

Counter Logic Gaming. #CLGWIN #CLGFIGHTING.

As a reminder, Counter Logic Gaming is composed of:

Alexander "Skys" Magor 
Terrell "England" Lee 
Emilio "Geoometrics" Leynez Cuevas 
Gabriel "LaXInG" Mirelez 
Aaron "Shuttle" Dugger 

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