Shake-up on the Rainbow 6 competitive scene! While the Six Invitational is just around the corner and the numerous panels it showcases are going to tell us more about what will happen in Year 3, it is through a blog post that Ubisoft eventually decided to disclose what they have in mind.

Years go by but are not alike for the Pro League, which will once again go through a number of changes. First of all, the amount of seasons will go down from three to two per year. The format has consequently been reworked into a unique league for each region in which every team will face eachother in two seperare Best-of-Ones.

The World Finals will still be welcoming eight teams, two from each region, who will share a total cashprize of $275,000 at the end of the season. Because the year is already in progress, season 7 will be slightly shorter and will begin in march with its World Finals being held in may. Season 8 will cover the following six months from June to November.
While the year was up to now punctuated by the Pro League and the Six Invitational, the big teams will have more to fight for from now on. During each six-month cycle, a Major will be organized with sixteen teams attending from the whole world and will offer a bigger cashprize than those of the regular circuit. This year's first Major will be the Six Invitational coming up in three weeks, whereas the second one will take place in Paris this August.
Beside the main circuit including the Pro League and Majors, Minors will be organised all along the year at several different Dreamhack LANs. The challenger league will however not go through a lot of change. Each edition will begin during the second part of a Pro League season and will last 3 months, with open qualifiers still being held beforehand, and the winners gaining slots in the upper league.


Translated by @Chevrotte