After avoiding to return to Challenger League throughout the last season's relegations, 1nFamy, lead by Easilyy, made it to the Pro League finals thanks to a very high level season. He talks about the changings made to his roster to reach this level, about the elapsed season, the upcoming Pro League finals where they will face the brazillians of Black Dragons this saturday.

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ESIX: Could you explain how your team works ? How would you define your gameplay ?

Easilyy: We are playing as a team. What I mean by saying that is that we play for the win, not the individual performances. Each player is doing everything he can to win. Last season we ended up being 8th because we weren’t working enough and we didn’t have the right role distribution. There wasn’t anyone to push the roamers, now this role is filled.

Vandal and me are playing support. We drone the roamers, the bombsite, we give all the informations and we make the calls like when it’s time to push. Beastly makes some calls as well, he is sort of an in-game leader. Him and VertcL are our two openers, they play more aggressive operators like Ash, Sledge or Twitch. They try to clear the roamers so that we can get the map control. Neptunez is flex. He mainly plays Buck but he will pick any operator necessary.

We are also changing our defense. I was playing Smoke but Vandal seems more comfortable playing on site so we switched roles. Now I’m going to be more of a flex and play whatever operator we need on defense. Neptunez will be playing Mira with Vandal on site. VertcL and Beastly will be roaming so they will pick more aggressive operators like Jäger, Bandit or Valkyrie. These operators will allow them to stay alive and waste more time during their roaming thanks to their powerful weapons and abilities.

Will you be able to reproduce in Y3S1 what  you did this season ?

I think we can. It really depends on how the meta will change but I think that we are a team that everyone wants to practice against and everyone in the team is ready to work on the game. When new operators come out, we want to be the first to use them, to develop strategies with them, we want to be ahead of the meta.

The regional phase was completely unexpected. Do you think that the terms “favorites” or “challengers” are always appropriate in the current state of the Pro League ?

In my opinion, there are indeed teams that are favorites in a confrontation, but there are also teams that come up with strategies that no one has seen before and surprise the other teams. Most Wanted caught everyone off guard this season. We also had our share of surprises, we prepared a lot for the opposing teams and I think that they didn’t expect us to be as good as we are. When we played against them we were more used to the meta because we worked a lot.

How would you explain that the three teams that went to Gamescom didn’t win their ticket for Sao Paulo ?

I think that the team that has the most preparation and the best strategies can win against anyone. Rainbow Six is one of the games where the meta and strategies are the most important. You can abuse an operator that gives you an advantage like Blackbeard, Glaz or Ying, anything that helps you win. If a team doesn’t use them, they’re put at a disadvantage and the outcome of the match only depends on their individual skill.

Easilyy under the Elevate shirt at S1Y2 Pro League finals.
Easilyy under Elevate shirt at Y2S1 Pro League finals.

Your 2-0 victory against Rogue was unexpected. What made you so dominant ? Are you simply better or do you think they didn’t work enough ?

Rogue is a really good team with excellent players, it surely is a squad that knows what it takes to win, but they weren’t properly prepared. In that sense we were better than them, they didn’t took the trouble of changing their strategies and we knew exactly what they were going to do on these maps. We had watched their VODs, we were ready, we worked hard that week and after the first map we already knew that we were going to win. We were very confident.

How did you react to this victory ? Would you consider it a big success or ordinary ?

It was clearly a success because we went from being 8th to going to LAN. We were ecstatic after this victory. Unlike my mates, I have been to LAN before and this first time is a really positive experience for them. We’re all really happy about going to this LAN, only two teams in our region made it and we are one of them. Once we had our ticket we stopped working as hard as before, we were too hyped. This is the reason for our defeat against cTm.

Good connection, when you faced Continuum (e.d Evil Geniuses), you lost 3 rounds to 20 on two games. Do you consider them  your nemesis ?

For me, cTm is a team that matches us to some extent because the maps they are the best on are maps we also play but are average on. They have a good coach (BKN) and Canadian is a good  IGL. They come up with very complex strategies and adapt really well to the different situations. When they use these kind of strategies, the ones that we’re not prepared for, it’s really hard for us to adapt in the middle of the game because nobody has seen them before. This is why we let them have an extensive control of the map on attack and why we played passively on site on defense. They punished us for that. 

Easilyy, playing for Lethal Gaming during the 6 Invitational (XBOX One).

Which team would you like to play for the first round on LAN ?

I don’t think there really is a team that we would prefer playing against. I believe that we will play the first seed from either EU or LATAM (e.d. the bracket has been revealed, they will play the first seed from LATAM: Black Dragons).
It’s clear that at this level of play, there is no bad team. Whatever team we’re up against, we’ll have to prepare for it. If we don’t win against them, preparing the next matches is useless, so we have to prepare for the first team and carry on from it.

At which stage would you consider this LAN successful ?

Making it to the second round is the most important step. We have four players that never went to LAN. Everyone feels stressed before a LAN match and the feeling is stronger if it’s the first time. Once we make it to the second round, the pressure will drop and we will be able to play the finals. Obviously we will have been more prepared for the first team, but we’ll exploit everything we’ll see the other teams doing because they won’t be able to completely change their strategies.

Do you think that you will succeed in securing a ticket for the 6 Invitational ?

Yes I think we can. I don’t expect us to get one of the wild card spots. If we qualify it will be through the open qualifiers where there will be a lot of good teams: Rogue, F3, Most Wanted, these are all professional teams. Elevate and cTm are already qualified so they won’t be there but the rest of the Pro League will be. Since it’s an open qualifier, it also means that all the good non-professional teams will be there. Everyone will fight for a spot, we hope we will make it. I think we can me it, we’re one of the best teams…

Is there something you would like to add ?

 I just want to say good luck to all the teams that qualified for the LAN. I’m ready and I can’t wait to be there.

We want to thank Easily for allowing some time to  answer our questions and also his org  1nFamy.

With the involvement of @Experience, for translating.