It is now time to have a look at the other team representing the APAC region, eiNs. The japanese formation was quite impressive during last season's APAC Pro League as it came first of its region, beating Team Cryptik, Corvidae and mantis FPS in the process. The world finals had however showcased the region's shortcomings as there was not much of a contest against Brazilian team Fontt.

Having claimed the first spot of last season's APAC Pro League, the players got granted a direct ticket to the Six Invitational without having to go through the qualifiers. ShiN, the team's captain, answered our questions.

A few months back and without the Pro League, the APAC region seemed non existent as far as Rainbow Six competitions. Did you participate in any before the APAC region joined the Pro League?

Yes, before APAC PL, JCG, which is Japan competitive tournament, was held. So we participated in it. There was a LAN event last year in October in Japan too and we joined it. But PL was everyone’s hope.

Season 3 is a newcoming for the region who finally welcomes the Pro League with two APAC spots in the finals. In order to qualify you need to first, beat the Japanese league and then the teams from the other regions. Did you think at the time that you were going to make it?

Sure. I think our practice and effort is the best. So we believed we could win if we did our best. Of course, there are many strong teams in APAC, so our job was difficult.

By finishing first in APAC, you therefore obtained a spot in the Pro League finals but the journey ended quickly with a strong defeat by Team Fontt. Are some of the changes among the team back in December a direct consequence of the Pro League results?

Yes. At that time, we had great confidence, but it was shattered by Team Fontt. It caused our confidence to be lost. But we had another chance. That is the Six invitational. For that reason, we have to be stronger to beat them. So, we changed our roster.

Very recently, the japanese legislation created a license to recognize pro players. It seems that in this will let you get paid at the end of tournaments. Then Ubisoft mentioned that you had obtained such license and hence you can enjoy the Six Invitational cash prize. Does this add any motivation for this event and more to come?

Yes, having a prize gives us more motivation. Of course, the prize is of secondary order. We want “win.”

Your first game at the Six Invitational will be against FaZe Clan, the ex Team Fontt players. Once again, they are favorites. Do you think you can win against them?

Sure. We did not think that the rematch would come so quickly. It’s good. They are a good team and good players. But I believe we can win. We changed too. I’m looking forward to the game.

Besides FaZe, you group is also composed of the Pro League winners ENCE eSports and the well experienced eRa Eternity. What do you think about this high level group phase?

That is a hard group. But if we can win against FaZe, we can pass this group. So the most important match is against FaZe. That will make us more confident.

With this group in mind, what is you goal?

Of course champion. But the smaller goal is that we pass this group, and that we win against FaZe.

Lastly, is there a team you would really like to face at the Six?

Needless to say. “FaZe”

As a reminder, eiNs is composed of:

Shinji "ShiN" Funai 
Shinya "prototype_1z" Nishiwaki 
Takuma "SuzuC" Nakajima 
Shuto "Aroer1na" Nasukawa 
Toya "Papilia" Miyazawa
Kaito "OdeNMiso" Yonezu  (Coach)
Shu "OkaMoto" Okamoto  (Analyst)

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