The Six Invitational kicks off tomorrow and it is now time to see what the latest Pro League winners, ENCE eSports, have to say. The finnish team is yet to have missed a single Rainbow Six major competition, which led them to be picked up by the emblematic Finnish organisation last July. They had however never won a big tournament until the latest season of Pro League. Their victory did not prevent SHA77E from joining PENTA Sports shortly afterwards, leaving ENCE to prepare for the Invitational with UUNO in his place. It is Bounssi who took the time to answer our questions.

You have been present since the first ever Pro League and never missed an international LAN. Do you have a particular secret which allows you to play at such a high level?

Our lineup has stayed quite the same since the start. We have only made minor adjustments which haven't affected our play style or level. Having experienced core roster in the team gives confidence to the new guys and the new guys bring new ideas for the team.

However, even though you participated at all the Pro League finals and last year’s Six Invitational, you had never won a competition until Y2S3. Has there been a noteworthy change in how you approached this last event?

I think the mindset for Y2S3 final was that we have nothing to lose. We did our preparations well, had a nice bootcamp but the main point was that we came to have fun and I think that really took the pressure off from the games.

After you finally had the trophy in your hands, SHA77E decided to join PENTA Sports. How did you take the news of him leaving?

Of course I was surprised that SHA77E decided to leave just after the final, but I and we do respect his choice, it's business after all.

You then decided to replace him by UUNO, not a well-known player. Why him?

There are a lot of not so known players, who are not known to majority, but have a great skillset and potential. UUNO had shown us just that! We did some tryouts and UUNO convinced us that he has what it takes.

You will start the group phase with a matchup against eRa Eternity. How will you tackle it?

We know that teams will prepare against us even better now that we have won a championship. We need to do our preparations well and have few aces in our sleeve to seal the deal.

FaZe Clan and eiNs are the other two teams from your group. What do you think in general about the group?

If you want to be the Invitational champion, you need to be able to beat all the teams.

After your victory in the last Pro League season, is your goal to continue to momentum?

Of course the main goal is to win Six Invitational which is the biggest event in Siege.

Lastly, is there a team that you cannot wait to face during the Six Invitational?

PENTA has always been our top rival. At the same time I love and hate playing against those guys, we have a long history and would be interesting to see what each team has come up with to tackle the other one.

As a reminder, ENCE eSports is composed of:

Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen
Juhani "Kantoraketti" Toivonen
Otto "pannari" Heikkinen
Jouni "Bounssi" Salo
Aleksi "UUNO" Työppönen

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