The Six Invitational is almost here and we are almost done with our interviews. It is now time to look at our last North American team, eRa Eternity. They were previously known as Most Wanted eSports and eXcellence Gaming during the first two seasons and finally landed with eRa Eternity for the last Pro League season. They had ups and downs all year and their lineup changed more than once as well to finally become the one that we will see at the Six Invitational in a few days

In one year you have pretty much seen it all. Ups, downs, changes in roster, and in organization. At the end of your first season as Most Wanted, you end up playing relegations and at the end of the second season you then get to the highest level with small changes and by joining eXcellence Gaming. How do you explain this difference in results?

GurmyWormy: We actually had 2 roster changes going into season 2. We swapped Geo for Thinkingnade and Bryan for Ezley. Thinkingnade quit the team, so we were forced to swap. For Ezley team agreed on we needed more fire power. We went with Bryan and results showed it was a good change.

Your contract with eXcellence Gaming ends after the season two finals. Afterwards you enter in a restructuration period where it seems that you are starting all over with Geoometrics, Bryan and FoxA leaving. How were things during this time?

GurmyWormy: Coming back from LAN was disappointing, but when we came back we planned on dropping FoxA. All of us talked about how we are going to stick together, but it didn't go that way. In fact we all received offers from other teams and denied them. Bryan got an offer and took it because we were having trouble getting the 5th we wanted and money I assume. We were in a terrible position because now we needed 2 players. Geo got an offer a few hours later from Elevate and took it. Then we were forced to take FoxA back because of 3/5 rule.

You then join eRa Eternity with new players and a Pro League season underway. You end up third of your group which allows you to secure a spot for the next season but not enough to qualify for the finals. Did this results push you to make more changes among the team soon before the Six Invitational qualifiers?

MahMan: We didn't have time to really pick out the players we wanted. Me and gurmy know what it takes to win. We basically took season 3 and a little time after as a try out period. That's why we swapped so many players. We definitely found the winning formula as we breezed through qualifiers

To obtain a spot at the Six Invitational you had to go through all the different qualifiers and did not have a whole lot of problems. However, contrary to many of the teams that will be there with you, you had to show your gameplay. Are you worried that some teams will use it to better prepare against you?

supr: Obviously we're aware of what we've played on stream and what information other teams we will be playing have on us. Without getting into specifics, we have changed some of our strategies and incorporated newer maps and map bans into our game. We're confident in the maps we play well, whether they've been played on stream or not. It's hard to say how much impact this will have on map bans or strategy until we play, but we feel prepared and have a pretty good idea of what maps we will likely see against each team in our group.

To start the event, you will face the current Pro League champions. How will you tackle it?

Kanine: We don't take any team lightly no matter if they are the worst or the best. Anything can happen in Rainbow when the round counts are so low. We will prepare for them the same we do for every match.

You will then face either FaZe Clan or/and eiNs. What do you think in general about your group?

Bosco: We were just grateful not to have any North American teams in our bracket. We don't have the time luxury to scrim other regions because of people on the team that have work or school. So, we were able to have good practice against other pro teams.

You have two big names in your group phase. What is your end goal for this Six Invitational?

GurmyWormy: Not worried how big the name is. The end result is to win.

Lastly, which team are you more worried about?

GurmyWormy: The only outcome we don't want is to play Evil Geniuses or Rogue early in playoffs because they are our scrim partners.

As a reminder, eRa Eternity is composed of:

Sam "MahMan" Pak 
Gurman "GurmyWormy" Bains 
Ozgur "Kanine" Alturk 
Seth "supr" Hoffman 
Dylan "Bosco" Bosco 

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