Enjoying a small moment of peace at the Gamescom event, the ESIX's team took advantage of the opportunity to interview the Head admin Rainbow Six ESL ProLeague.

He's German and you probably already have seen his nickname on the socialnetworks, « BK » is the handyman of the ESL, let's back on his career history.


Fio : We've seen you a lot behind the teams during the matches, what is your part in all this?

BK-201 : Good question, my role in all that is to enforce the rules, make sure no one abuses a glitch to gain an unfair advantage and handle protests between Teams. Besides that i have to make sure that the players have no issues with their Computers (e.g Sound issues). I am also in direct contact with the Production and many other people who work there during that event through a radio to make sure that the Matches start and if it comes to bigger issues that those get sorted out immediately. Most of the time I deal with a lot of issues at the same time.


Fio : Isn't too exhausting to stay back behind the plaxxxxyers, making sure everything is okay for the entire match?

BK-201 : Yeah, it’s actually quite a lot of work, a golden rule for that is to stay cool, not to stress yourself and to stay calm. During events like the R6S Finals i don’t get that much sleep or breaks to rest, i literally run 24/7 around there. Sure it sounds bad the first sight but i actually really love my work. I mean staying behind the players, watching the game live on stage is like a first class seat. I enjoy watching the Pro players playing R6S, i always try to analyze their strategies and think about it, like why and what’s the reason behind doing that. What i also really enjoy during those Events is going out with casters and players to have dinner together, talk about siege, strategies or making jokes - It feels like a family coming together.


Fio : Have you already been an admin on another game than Rainbow Six ?

BK-201 : Ahh, not really. Before I got in contact with Rainbow Six I’ve been involved as a Moderator for Forums and as a Team Manager for different games like Company of Heroes 2 and Team Fortress 2 but i never got in touch with actual work as a Referee before.

I started playing Rainbow Six Siege right at the beginning with the closed Alpha and Beta, I played older Rainbow Six game titles on console before that. Together with some friends I started to play siege and right from the Alpha I knew that I love that game. I’ve become addicted to R6S since that. After getting bored of Casuals I discovered the Ranked’s, i started playing ranked with some friends which i just met in the Beta before. It was my first Team for siege (some people might know it, the name was “Team Quasar”, later renamed into Planetkey Dynamics). My Team disbanded after five Months, everybody went their own way. Some got exam’s, started studying, moved into another city or had no time for siege anymore due the Job.

Two weeks before that happened I’ve been visiting the first R6S Pro League Finals in Cologne (Year 1 - Season 1), from that day on I knew that I wanted to be a Referee, staying on stage, work together with the players and be involved in Rainbow Six. That inspired and motivated me so much!

It’s been my first R6S Event and also my first time getting in touch with players, casters and people working on the Pro League from the ESL and Ubisoft. Even if it were just a small sentence just about the Match or a Map it felt great to talk and discuss about it.

After that event I decided to apply as an Admin at the ESL, it worked out and after a couple of weeks I’ve been accepted. During the time where I wrote the application I were so nervous and actually afraid of being declined but it went good and I’ve got accepted. Right at the start of my Admin career at the ESL I wanted to help new players finding an easy way into the competitive scene of Rainbow Six and help the game growing. My goal was to work on all the Offline Events for R6S in a managing/lead position, that was the best way for me to grant a success of the Game. My future goal is to show more transparency and work on ongoing issues. “Anyone who stops improving and getting better has stopped being good”

Ever since the start of the Pro League of Rainbow Six i started to love ESports, I love how Rainbow Six is connecting so many people. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what platform you play on, how you look like or what you actually do for a living. At Events like the Pro League finals where everybody comes together it feels like a big family coming together. Everybody wants to enjoy the time of being there, watch the Matches and enjoy Rainbow Six Siege.

And trust me, that feeling is just awesome and gives me indescribable joy. Seeing people going on Forums or Social Media posting bad things about the Game like “the game sucks!” without giving a reason why or an explanation how something happened just hurts. I’ve seen a lot of people flaming about Operation Health but without a valid reason, isn’t the health of the game something which should be in the interest of every single player?

Instead of flaming about a bug or glitch which happened in-game people should try to contact Ubisoft and the Devs first. Flaming on Forums or Social Media doesn’t help anybody - it just makes the community look like a pile of salt. Constructive criticism helps!


Fio : Do we have the chance to see you at Sao Paulo next season ?

BK-201 : I can’t promise it but I will do my best to get there, I don’t wanna miss it. As someone who really loves to work together with Ubisoft, ESL and the players it would hurt my feelings a lot not going there. Iam very confident that I'm going to Sao Paulo.


Fio : Few words for the french community or about it ?

BK-201 : Oh yes! A lot of French players and Teams like Millennium, Vitality, Supremacy and BeGenius told me that my name is well known in the French R6S scene. I didn’t expect that, if it was the German scene of r6s, sure but i really didn't expect that for the french scene. Most of them know me for asking “Is there an English translation of this available?” if someone leaves, an org makes a team announcement or it is a news article about siege. I am really happy that there are so many people playing siege in France, it’s probably the country with the biggest player base. Having a big player base supporting the game is fantastic, thank you all for being part of all that.


Thanks to BK-201 for the interview and his honesty ! We wish him good luck for the next !

Few words from him in French:

« Merci beaucoup à Kro, Fofiopathe, R3siak, Patewing, et Albert Muda. J'ai beaucoup apprécié l'interview! »

With it we know him better, we really appreciated his trought about making his job more transparent and making the R6S adventure more easier for all !


BK, the man is white shirt on the picture, watching if everything is doing well.

credits: @R3siak