French teams gave Pro League fans a great show to watch last thursday. The first match saw Mockit take on Millenium as group A's decider, whereas group B's decider was a rematch of the first playday between Vitality and Digital Chaos.

The first match saw Mockit take on Millenium  :

Here is how the map ban phase went :

Mockit Millenium
Consulate Oregon
Chalet Club House
Skyscraper Coastline

Leaving each team's pick, and the decider :

Bank Kafe Dostoyevski


Millenium were clear favourites according to the poll, with 84% of fans predicting them to win.

The game starts on Bank, Mockit's pick :

Millenium start off the match with an unconventional defense as they pick the Open Area bombsite. According to the American casters, it is Mockit's ability to swiftly take control of top floor that granted them a hard fought first point. Mockit seem like they have made many changes since leaving Vitality. Their level play has definitely improved, and they take the first map of the series 5-2.

Millenium now have to secure a win on their own pick, Kafe :

Despite successfully planting the defuser on top floor, the last two Mockit players are unable to protect it and end up conceding the first round to Millenium. The two following rounds see the attackers lose on time.
Mockit decide, on the fifth round, to go with the same attack they used in the first round. This time it works thanks to a smart cover of the defuser from Pillars, just underneath site. Millenium answer with that first attacking win with an attacking win of their own in the next round.
Millenium end up taking the map 6-5 after a few very close fights.

The third and final map is Border.

The third part of this matchup is as tight as it could be. The many good and close fights prove once more how Mockit seem to be coming back well after a few off months. The most eye-catching moment of the map was probably when Revan, on pulse, managed to clutch the round by eliminating the planter with a C4 from underneath just seconds before the timer hit 0.

In the end though, Mockit's impressive performance was not enough to defeat a strong Millenium team, as the latter win the game 2-1. (2-5 / 6-5 / 6-5)

Millenium  player stats :

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
Liven 23 22 +1 1.05
Joghurtzz 18 19 -1 0.95
Renshiro 28 17 +11 1.65
Hicks 13 21 -8 0.62
Risze 28 23 +5 1.22

Mockit  player stats :

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
Panix 19 24 -5 0.79
Revan 22 23 -1 0.96
Voy 16 21 -5 0.76
Snky 24 22 +2 1.09
Enemy 20 21 -1 0.95

The second match was Vitality   against Digital Chaos   :

Here is how the map ban went :

Vitality Digital Chaos
Consulate Club House
Border Chalet
Kafe Dostoyevski Bank

Leaving each team's pick, and the decider :

Coastline Oregon


The first map was Coastline, Vitality's choice :

While Coastline is not a map that sees a lot of play in Pro League, Vitality seem fairly comfortable on it as they showed against Ence during their last match.

Things go realtively well for V. Despite Redgroove's nice plays on Blitz, his team does not seem to have sufficient synergy yet to counter a team as sophisticated as Vitality. They do manage to execute the odd decent roam clears, resulting in a few round wins, but it is not enough as Vitality take the map 5-2.

The second map was Oregon, the map picked by Digital Chaos :

The French team start the map well by taking the first two rounds. Despite a better showing from the Swedish team, Vitality prove their worth once more. DC do however take the third round with a rush onto V's basement defense. The end of the map sees a bit of variation. In the fifth round, Vitality decide to defend the Red Tower bombsite, and do so successfully. They go even further in the seventh and eventually last round of the map as they decide to defend Kitchen/Dining Room. They do so successfully once more thanks to fine plays from Spark in Valkyrie.
Just like Coastline, Vitality take the map 5-2.

While Digital Chaos did manage to take a few rounds, Vitality take a nice revenge on them and win the game 2-0 (5-2 / 5-2)

Vitality   player stats :

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
BriD 17 4 +13 4.25
BiBoo 13 11 +2 1.18
Spark 15 8 +7 1.88
Zephir 8 9 -1 0.89
RaFaLe 5 7 -2 0.71

Digital Chaos  player stats :

Player Kills Deaths +/- K/D
sn0oken 7 12 -5 0.58
Kripps 11 10 1 1.10
Renuilz 7 11 -4 0.64
Secretly 4 13 -9 0.31
REDGROOVE 10 12 -2 0.83

So ends the third playday of Pro League. PENTA  will face Vitality as 1UP will face Millenium this coming thursday in EU Pro League, and the stakes are high as only the winner of each game will go to LAN.