With the Six Invitation right around the corner, we will be releasing daily interviews on each team participating. To start off, we will have Evil Geniuses, winners of the last Six Invitational telling us about what they have been up to and how they intend to keep their title in two weeks.

This year, while still as Continuum, was not a very easy one for them. They had two underwhelming Pro League seasons until the last one, which was much better and allowed them to join a mythic esports organization, Evil Geniuses.

After an awesome start in 2017 and winning the Six Invitational on PC, the first two seasons of Pro League did not go as well with not being able to qualify for the NA playoffs. For the third and last season, you came first in your region, therefore securing a spot for this Six Invitational. How did bringing Yung and BKN into the team change things?

Canadian: Very shortly after replacing Yung we realized that it was a mistake to do so and decided we should try to bring him back. He brings a very reliable and flexible playstyle that fits well for supportive roles allowing everyone else on the team to play their comfortable roles.

As far as picking up BKN as a coach, we always knew it could be helpful to have another perspective with pro league experience on the team. However the issue with that is that most people with pro league experience are still playing and not trying to coach. When we heard BKN was available we approached him since we knew he could bring additional input that we would value due to his in game knowledge. On top of that BKN also provides us with feedback on our team environment and practices from an outside perspective which is quite valuable.

BKN, how do you prepare for a match or an event?

BKN: Most of my notes are stored within OneNote. I have a list of the teams we expect to play. Within each tab there’s a combination of vods, analysis, and possible counters to their setups. I also look for player tendencies. Some players have very specific things they do throughout a round and we look to exploit those tendencies. I do a lot of individual work but we also put a lot of time in as a team watching vods and talking through possible counters. At the end of the day if we play our game and limit the mistakes we expect to win every match.

More recently, we have heard a lot about Team Liquid or FaZe Clan joining the Rainbow Six scene. However, you were the first team to join a well known and well structured eSport organization with Evil Geniuses. What changes occur when you join such this type of structure with more important means and far more resources than what you were used to?

BC: Evil Geniuses has allowed us as players to purely focus on the game. The organization is run by incredible people who have given the support for us to concentrate on only improving our play and winning. These large, structured organizations also have a positive effect on their teams' mentality. The players stand for a community and name that's larger than themselves; this gives them even more determination and drive to bring home a championship.

BKN: Up until signing with Evil Geniuses we didn’t truly see the value. I can tell you now that it’s been 4 months since our signing that the value seems limitless. It’s a massive advantage to have access to EG’s resources. Whether it be gaming houses where we can bootcamp, top of the line gear, or building our brand. The support has been immeasurable. As a team we’re extremely thankful for the opportunity to represent Evil Geniuses.

Your first game of this upcoming Six Invitational will be against 1UPeSport. Last season of Pro League was pretty difficult for them but since then, they acquired KS, ex-PENTA Sports, and other players from Planetkey Dynamics, which lead their game to drastically improve. How will you tackle this match?

Necrox: We will treat 1UP with respect as we would any other team and prepare for them accordingly. Whether a team has had a rough past or a bright future that will not affect our methods of preparation. The essence of our preparation devolves from constant intensive practice and counter stratting.

In your actual group, you will more than likely encounter PENTA Sports, still considered one of the best team in the world even though they didn’t quite make it during the last Pro League season, or Team Vitality who will be back in Pro League after spending one season in Challenger League. What do you think about your group?

BKN: We don’t care who we have to play. We know our potential so seeing names like Vitality and PENTA doesn’t phase us. We can beat anyone. Don’t have an outlook on the group itself. We bring the same mindset to anything put in front of us.

Lastly, are there any team to watch out for during this Six Invitational?


As a reminder, Evil Geniuses is composed of:

Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski 
Ammar "Necrox" Albanna 
Nathan "nvK" Valenti 
Brandon "BC" Carr 
Austin "Yung" Trexler 
Jordan "BKN" Soojian  (Coach)