The Pro League ANZ kicked off last week and this week ESL unveiled the team compositions and a French flag appeared in all the Australian flags, it's for Kévin "FanatiK" Chiu !



Hi Kevin ! Not long ago, the Pro League ANZ teams were unveiled and we discovered a Frenchman in the team Taboo ESC. We were quite surprised and then decided to interview you and therefore get to know you a little more. Let’s start with a little presentation for our readers.

I’ve always loved Australia since the first time i’ve been there. I had the opportunity to leave Paris for Melbourne and I accepted without any hesitation.

I’ve been gaming for a long time now, i’m married and a daughter’s happy father, my daily routine is pretty much « Subway, Work, Dad, ProGamer ».


Back To Rainbow Six Siege, could you tell us how you got to know this game and why have you decided to player in competitive ? But also, what are your ambitions, seeing the Pro League in the APAC zone coming, about the game ?

A friend of mine was playing CS :GO and asked me to join him on R6S after it launched. I was hooked instantly and I kept playing. I’ve always been a competitive player. I quickly joined the R6 ANZ community (a tiny one back then) and then, fast forwarded to the future, Taboo ESC. This community keeps on growing and now, we’re in Pro League !

We hope to win the final in Sydney in October to be able to go to Sao Paulo in November !


You are playing in a team that’s composed of Australian, we know it can be hard to cross the language barrier and get integrated. How did it go for you ?

It is true that it was hard at the beginning. When you can’t find the words you have to find another way to express yourself. For example, I drone for a team player and i see an opponent in a corner -can’t remember his name at the moment- and i try to tell him about the opponent whereabout which was « at your right, behind the shelf ».

We always try to improve our in-game communications so that it gets clearer and more precise.

At the end of the day, it’s a lot of training, synergy between players. I believe PENTA is a good example.


The competitive community is really developped in Europe, North and Southern America, but what about the APAC region ? Beside the Pro League, what do you have, tournaments and event wise, to fight against each other and, most importantly, do you believe the APAC community can aim bigger and better ambitions for the Rainbow Six Siege competitive side ?

The APAC region is, for the moment anyway, only for the Pro League. We usually have only the ANZ region (Australia and New-Zealand). Our players don’t play against the asian teams because of the ping (> 200ms). The competitive side is not as big as the others’ but it keeps on growing. When i compare today’s community and the community back when i first played on the australian servers, I think there’s a huge gap between those. The number of players was so tiny I could wait an entire hour to just hope and join a ranked game.

We have a local tournament "Cybergamer" (ladder with points) where there were fewer than 10 teams for the first season. This ladder is now composed of 30 teams (Pro League teams excluded). We now have 2 other weekly tournaments (ESL on weekend and Cybergamer on Tuesday).


I don’t know if you have enough time to watch the EU, NA or LATAM pro leagues but do you know what are the gameplay differences between the APAC region and the others ?

The experience is the biggest difference between APAC and the other regions. APAC is 2 seasons late in terms of competitive experience (3 with the Blood Orchid arrival).

The teams are comparing themselves with what the NA and EU teams do and adapt their gameplay to it. Based on this, the in-game adaptation is not as good as the other’s.


Thanks a lot for all your answers because we both know it wasn’t easy considering the hour changes. I will let you end this interview and say a word if you want !

I’d like to address a huge thank you to ESIX for this interview ! I’m glad to see that the R6 APAC scene also interest other regions.

My thanks also goes to Artemis (Twitter @GeeksPrevail) for gathering us all under the same flag, to everybody who supports us and to all the people that makes R6 a better game everyday in the best conditions.