Milan is approaching ! For this occasion we have prepared some interviews of the different teams featured in these Pro League Finals Season 9. Today we asked our questions to FaZe.

FaZe is the Brazilian team who we are to get used to in thePro League Finals. They have been there three consecutive years in that they retain their top spot in the Pro League Latin America. During season 8, the Brazilian flew to the final stage, beating the ex-Mockit (now Natus Vincere), in semi finals and the beloved Nora-Rengu, in the eighth. They were finally defeated in the final against the formidable G2.

TGK, Team manager, answered our questions :

ESIX : You finished first of the Latin American proleague with three points ahead of Immortals, do you think you have found the ideal team ?

TGK : I think I have great players with a lot of growth capacity, but there is no maturity of the scenario so that we can evolve even more.


ESIX : Le Stream is the rising team of European pro league in recent months. Do they scare you more than Empire ?

TGK : Not only LeStream like any other tournament opponent. All teams have the same conditions to win.


ESIX : What would be the ideal final for you ?

TGK : FaZe Clan vs Team Empire, with a clutch in the last round for us (hahaha).


ESIX : We know that the Brazilian public is very present and makes a lot of noise during competitions, you do not miss it when you play in other countries ?

TGK : Yes, even players of other nationalities have a great affection for the Brazilian fans because they know that we are fanatic for Rainbow Six or any other game. We put passion for each movement performed within the game, we vibrate every second as if it were the last one, this only exists in Brazil, our fans are extraordinarily unique! I hope to meet Brazilian fans in Milan, it will not be difficult to identify, just see who is jumping in the chair and screaming like crazy for you, I love them!


ESIX : At the 8th season proleague finals you finished 2nd behind the unmissable G2, without them on your way, you think this year is yours ?

TGK : With or without G2 we are extremely focused on this EPL, we thirst for victory and wish to have our first international title.


ESIX : What are your prognosis on this beginning of bracket ?

TGK : We do not think much about it, we are ready to face any team, however, we would like to face EG in the semis, we need to have our rematch


ESIX : Some last words for the community ?

TGK : We hope to have the support of the fans, it is always a pleasure to be able to give a hello to a fan, especially when you are of another nationality, so if you see us at the event or on the streets of Milan, come and give us a hug and take us to eat a pizza.

Para nossos fãs brasileiros, muito obrigado pelo apoio, não somos nada sem vocês! Mesmo se estiver nos assistindo pela telinha, contamos com a sua energia para juntos enfrentarmos mais esse desafio. Tmj Clan !


We wish them the best for those Pro League finals!

Leonardo "Astro" Luis 
Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol
Rafael "mav" Freitas
João "yoona" Gabriel
Ronaldo "ion" Osawa 
Marlon "Twister" Mello (Coach)
Leandro "TGK" Portela (Manager)