This weekend Milan will shine in the color of Rainbow Six: Siege. If you did not know it or you missed the news, Pro League finals 9 season will be playing in the country of pizza, this third weekend of May. To prepare you before the event, ESIX decided to interview the different teams. Today it is Fnatic who answered our little questions.

Fnatic is undoubtedly the best Australian team in Rainbow Six : Siege. With no matches lost, they take the first place of Pro League Australia & New Zealand. This victory allowed them to qualify for the APAC Pro League. If you did not know, due to the disparity of the Asian continent, the first phases of Pro League are divided into 4 : Japan, South Korea, South East Asia and Australia & New Zealand. First two teams in each group qualifying to the final bracket of APAC Pro League, which this year took place in Australia. It was in Sydney that Fnatic finished at the first place and also take his place for Milan with their big rivals Nora Rengu.

Dizzle, Coach and Team Manager, answered to our questions about Milan :

ESIX : Your first match is against Nora Rengu, does not it make you feel bad to start with your colleagues from APAC ?

Dizzle : Yeah it certainly does. We just played them in a seeding match in APAC, and we vs'd them in the 6 Invitational as well. These PL finals are supposed to be where teams come to battle it out and represent their region. Instead APAC has to fly the furthest of all the teams to just vs each other again,


ESIX : With Nora-rengu you are often neck and neck on different competitions, this match will be your hardest match this PL finals ?

Dizzle : We play Nora a lot, they have had some roster changes, and we are very familiar with their game play and game plan. For us, if we win against Nora, Team Empire will be the hardest. They are 1st seed from the strongest region in the world and runners up at the 6 Invitational.


ESIX : How do you feel when you play away from your area (APAC) ?

Dizzle : The crowd usually likes us, so we are always excited to put on a good game for the international fans and the crowd. We often have to travel the furthest and for the longest so it is very hard to be away from home so often.


ESIX :  What would be the ideal end?

Dizzle : The ideal end would be to win the Grand Final


ESIX : What are your prognoses on this beginning of bracket?

Dizzle : I think E.G will beat Immortals. They have a point to prove after the last 2 events. I think Le Stream to beat FaZe. Le Stream are a very strong team and work together well. If Le Stream can play at LAN like they do online they are a force to be reckoned with. I think Empire will beat Dark Zero, but this one is very tough to call. If anyone will be an upset it will be this match. Dark Zero may prevail, but the odds are with Empire. And us to beat Nora.


ESIX : Some words for the community

Dizzle : Thank you for all the  support and for those of us saying we are a chance to win, it may be small against some very strong competition, in 1 year to have gone from the first APAC team to make the main stage at 6 Inv to now be considered a potential winner is extremely rewarding for us. We will continue to work hard to always be considered for contention


We wish them the best for those Pro League finals!

Etienne "Magnet" Rousseau 
Jason "Lusty" Chen 
Ethen "RizRaz" Wombwell
Matthew "Acez" McHenry
Jake "Virtue" Grannan 
Ryan "Speca" Ausden (Sub)
Jayden "Dizzle" Saunders (Coach & Manager)