It had been a while since we had seen them: Y2S2 to be exact and with a defeat by beGeniusESC 2-0 in relegation.

Since then the spanish scene has greatly evolved and gBots PRO decided to come back to Rainbow Six Siege. We have been used to seeing organizations come and go with sometimes recruiting full new line ups. In this case, the spanish organization is innovating.

Indeed, gBots announced wanting the create a Rainbow Six “academy”. However, don’t be mistaken, “academy” here does not mean young and inexperienced players, we are talking about the academic term link to training. The mid-long term goal will be to recruit european players with strong potentials and make them become pro players while obtaining the most results possibles in online competitions or LAN.

We met with David “SbNNNN” Guenoun, gBots’s coach.

Hello SbNNNN, for those of you who don’t know you, could you present yourself briefly?

David, SbNNNN, i am 27 years old and have been in the e-sport industry at high level for 5 years and a coach/manager for 2 years. I was the coach for Nitrados who later became ePunks), then with MVW and then gBots.

Finally gBots is back on R6, what motivated the admins?

It was never a question of “motivation”, since the end of the line up we had during the ProLeague, we wanted to continue with R6 and we put in a lot of thoughts about what to do. We thought about LDLC White and Blue on CSGO (LDLC had 2 very high levels LU Subtop EU) and I thought why not create an academy? and I proposed it to the head of gBots and he loved the idea!

Is the goal to recruit young players with high potentials and make them become pro?

Yes, this happens the same way you would professionalize your attitude and your social media presence, and this is done by giving them all the means possible so they can play with the same game quality as pro players and with serious schedule that will be dictated by our team, also study time for strats and watching gameplays.
We would like to teach them how to grow as a team and some stability. The goal, from our end, is really to offer players that lack high end competing experience, an opening and a new vision of the game, a capacity to think objectively and more effectively. To help them open their horizons, in game or not.

"There are a lot of kids with good aim, we just need to teach them the rest"

This is not something very commun in e-sport, where the training is usually done by the smaller structure and then the players with the most potential are taken by the bigger structures. Here you will be dealing with 2 line ups, from the basics to the end product which will be an important player in the R6 scene. Why not stay on a more conventional recruiting technique with a LU already in place?

A lot of time we do not give people all the chances and we miss the scouting ability since the sub/top players circle is so closed. You need to know the right people and the one that want to become subtop or top and this is difficult without the right contacts. So, in that sense, we go find the players with high potential and we will train them ourselves. There are a lot of kids with good aim, we just need to teach them the rest. And, let’s be honest, teams already in ProLeague or Challenger League already have a structure. So this is a great alternative and the idea of teaching is really exciting to me.

We think about gBots as a spanish team. However, this time, the recruiting will be european. What encouraged this decision?

This is a personal choice, i realized that gBots is not well-known in the international team and very hispanic. Also knowing that the spanish scene is still small, the player pool is smaller, so I felt we needed to turn to the EU scene. Why stay with one country when we can aim much higher?

As far as the level of the players, what will gBots bring to them? You mentioned teaching them on how to be professional and to expand the knowledge of the game. However, can we also imagine other small bonuses from the perks of belonging to an important organization?

Yes, we have planned some merchandising, teach them how to manage their profesional image, having them take pro pictures of themselves, of course give them some jerseys. (however they will be different than the ones from the other games gBots is in), give them a stable, professional and healthy work environment. On the longer term, for the LANs we will pay for travel, of course.
Either way, the goal for them in the end is to come out more grown up, at the results level or personal achievements and player stability.

Of course there are some restrictions to be able to apply for this Academy. You need to be of lawful age and speak english. This seems to be fairly standard considering long distance travel and a european line up. As far as game level, minimum Platinium 2.
In you think you can make it do not hesitate and send an application (coverletter stating why you want to be part of the academy, achievements, records, in-game rank) to [email protected]

On our end, we salute the effort made by gBots with this idea of Rainbow Six training academy.

Translated by @Cyb3line