For the past few weeks, InterroBang, a new Rainbow Six Siege Pro League caster has teamed with KiXSTAr on the stage. We had the pleasure of meeting with him for a casual interview.



Hello InterroBang! Could you please present yourself?


My name is Parker “InterroBang” MacKay, I am a Canadian citizen born and raised in Toronto and I got offered an opportunity to cast for ESL’s  Pro League scene for Rainbow Six in Katowice Poland which is where we do all the recordings from the studio. My contract runs through beginning of November and then I will be in Brazil to cast the finals in Sao Paulo.


How do you like living in Poland?


It is good so far! I have never lived overseas so for me it is an experience. I have lived across Canada but never flown across an ocean to actually live abroad. It has not been without its challenges that my sleep pattern is still largely based around the eastern time zone so I am often awake at night and asleep during the day. It is not necessarily bad and actually convenient since my friends back home are awake. But also Katowice is not a place where english is spoken with the same amount of prominence that it is in Warsaw or Krakow, so for me it makes communicating and getting around a bit more of a challenge daily so it makes the adjustment period a little bit less convenient.


What do you like about the Rainbow Six scene and what made you come to Rainbow?


It is a good question, I had some coworkers that were really big into the game and I had never really given it a try . First Rainbow Six I played was Rainbow Six 3 all the way back in 2005 - 2006 and I liked it very much. It was a very different game back then that it is now , no multiplayer than I can recall. I liked how tactical and how realistic it was. Then I saw Siege getting played and I really liked it. Honestly the biggest thing for me was that it was word of mouth, people were saying “oh this is really good” , some gamer friends were also really into it and I got it on the Steam wintersale. I like the feel of the guns and movements, I like that the operators provided you different ways to defend and attack. From there I started playing and I am one of the owners of PowerHaus Gaming and we started bringing friends together and it grew. From there I ended up having an opportunity to cast a few months later.


How did you start casting?


My 1st opportunity casting was a little community event that we did, couple of people that played together, we got into a lobby and I casted it as if it were the Pro League. From there I got approached by another team and one of the member was running the “Siege Contender Serie” which is where I started by stepping in to do a broadcast on my own Twitch. It was really barebone and the viewership was like 5 or 6 people. Then a couple of the teams tuned in and we started to increase the viewership and from there started to grow. Then I got noticed by CCS and I applied for it, they saw a couple of the broadcasts and this was my big entryway into casting. They had scene transitions, stat sheets, database, operator stats, and player stats, from there viewership continued to go up and here we are!


How has it been to cast the Pro League?


The feedback has been very very good as well not in the sense that it has been overwhelmingly positive but in the sense that it is nice to know that people are appreciative of the hard work that, not just myself, but all four of us have put in into the broadcast. The biggest thing for us is to make it the best product that we can and share it. I try to do what I can based on feedback we receive, what production has suggested, based upon what I think and all of us do that and I think people have noticed and they like what is going on. I think making what happens in the game as accessible as possible is a big focus and what separate a good cast from a great cast is that not to be overloaded with information. It is incumbent upon us to take what you are seeing, which can be very complex strats that been worked out that involve a lot of game mechanics and theory, and break it down in as digestible bits as we can. This is because the vast majority of players are not people who play in the Pro League and we don’t want to overwhelm people but for them to get a good understanding of the game.


As a caster are you more of an analysis person or commentary like?


I prefer to do play by play, I can fill the role of analyst if called upon, it is not my strength but I can put together basic understanding of what is happening. But what I always focused on while casting and what I have always worked on to improve is play by play and that’s where I think my strength lies.


How much research on the teams do you do before the games?


It really depends on the team. Coming into casting the Pro League, the region that I knew the least about was LATAM because of work I could almost never watch the games and adding on the language barrier. For NA teams, probably the least amount of research was needed because I was already very well acquainted with the 8 teams that are currently in Pro League and honestly also with most of the teams that are in Challenger League, by talking, casting and playing with them. We still did team sheets, and this was lead by KiX for all of the teams and for as many regions as we could. But now that we have been rolling, it doesn''t require as much because all four of us are confident enough to watch these teams and be able to reference results, stats and plays for the season. At the beginning of the season, I probably spent 1 to 2 hours researching each team. And now I make it a habit to rewatch after each cast to also pinpoint things I did not like about my casting.


What do you think about the different meta in Rainbow Six Siege? Do you have a favorite one? Are you for or against having a meta?

I think it is very difficult in these sorts of games to avoid not having a meta because there is always almost going to have to be those operators that shine in more circumstances than they don’t. For example, Smoke is almost never a bad pick just because of what he brings to the table, the same apply to Bandit and Jäger. Mira has a great gun and a gadget that just completely changed the way that the entire game was played and has made certain sites far more accessible and certain sites a lot less accessible on defense. I think it is almost impossible to achieve total balance of all of the operators. So I am not opposed to a meta, but it can get boring to see the same 5 on defense and offense but at the same time, we are at a state right now where there is a wide variety of operators that are viable, and this could be due to the short season we are in right now. We saw a Frost 2 weeks ago, LATAM also really likes Lesion and I think it is great to see a wide breadth of operators being played and a lot of variance in the sites being played as well.


Do you have any final words?


Nothing much to add on, Superweek is now over and it was an amazing opportunity to showcase the best of the best for 6 straight days of Rainbow Six. It was amazing to have all the viewership and the feedback. It was a more tiring week than we have seen before just because of how much coverage there was but it was so worth it. I have been very fortunate to be extended an opportunity that a tiny number of people have been offered and an even smaller number of people have actually taken. So to join all of the current and past casters on this table, on this desk and be able to do what I am doing is a great privilege and it is something that is going to be lost on me. So the last thing that I would say is to thank everybody that supported me along the way, the Siege Contender Series, Vivid Rainbow Six, CCS, PowerHaus, the guys that I casted with, and all the people from ESL that have helped me as well. There is too many people for me to really be able to give a proper shoutout and thank you to, so it is one of those things that if I started I would probably be going for the next hour or so. The people that have helped me get here know roughly what they have contributed and I just wanted to take the time to extend that thanks and appreciation to them because really, I wouldn''t be here without them and for everyone else that is tuning in, if you ever have any feedback, we are always listening to try and tighten the broadcast as best we can. Tune in for the next couple of weeks, we have some incredible match ups coming and onto Brazil we will go! To the teams in relegations and in Challenger League, Good Luck making your way into or back into the Pro League.