The Cyberathlete Championship Series Season 4 qualifiers started on November 10th. There were two qualifiers and 8Minded qualified themselves in the 2nd round. Even though they were the last ones qualified, they showed us what they were capable of.

To learn more about their journey and their qualifiers, we reach out to them:

ESIX : Since when does your team exist?

Epsilon : We had only formed the team two days before the CCS qualifiers started.

ESIX : What happened during the 1st phase of the qualifiers?

Epsilon : During the first qualifiers, we felt like we performed extremely well and met a good standard as it had only been the first time many of us had even played together.

ESIX : Were you expecting the results you obtrained during the 2nd phase of the qualifiers?

Epsilon : Going into the 2nd quals we felt like we had a very good chance of qualifying because of how we had played during the first quals, we had all ready beaten many of the teams the week before and this time we was more prepared with strats and better chemistry so we didn’t really have any worry’s going into the 2nd qualifiers.

ESIX : You played against Penta Sports, a team from Pro League. Did you fear this matchup?

Epsilon : In the first qualifiers when it came to playing Penta Esports of course we was nervous but however despite that we understand how important it is in having a good and positive mindset and that’s all we could do but it’s definitely scary playing vs pro teams at first and competing with teams like Penta Esports because of how much experience and skill those players have behind them especially since most of our players are ex console players.

ESIX : You win this game 6-2, how did you feel afterwards?

Epsilon : Being the underdogs of this entire tournament it definitely feels great to have accomplished something in such a short amount of time as a team and we can’t wait to see what awaits us in the future.

ESIX : What are your goals for the Finals?

Epsilon : Our goals for the finals of CCS are to finish as one of the top teams and as I mentioned having a positive mindset is extremely important to us however being the underdogs it’s most definitely going to a hard battle with lots of hard games ahead of us but all we can do is practice and that’s all we’ve been doing in preparation for this tournament and we hope we don’t disappoint.


We wish them the best in their CCS journey!