Just a few days ago, DEUS Esport won the Winner's Bracket final for the 6CUP 2018 qualifier in a completely insane game versus  3DMAX. Let's meet this team with this interview with AvenQo.

How was the journey through the qualifier for the 6CUP? Was it difficult to handle the frequency of the games?

Our journey went well. After losing the 1st qualifer, we finally found our gameplay and then we trained a lot until the 2nd qualifier. Up until the last deciding game, we did not encounter much difficulty and did not lose any game. We knew it was going to be difficult to win versus 3DMAX but even knowing that, we kept our focus and were able to win.

Regarding the frequency of the games, we were able to stay focused and did not have a hard time with this steady pace.

What are your goals for the 6CUP and how are you going to prepare for them?

We are competitors at heart and we only aim for victory. We will prepare for this 6CUP with a great thirst for victory. We will look at gameplays, prepare original strats and improve our teamplay.

How did you react to being qualified? How will you react if you win?

I am not going to lie, we woke up our neighbors during the last game of the qualifiers. However, after taking a step back, we realized we had made many mistakes and that we needed to correct them before the 6CUP. I do not want to think about a victory right now. Let's not look too far ahead and let's concentrate on our 1st match up versus PENTA Sports.

Any team to be afraid of?

We do not fear any team. We know that after what has been happening for the last few months, anything is happening. Our ambitions and our determination will be our strength. 

Few words for your fans?

A really big thank you to anyone who support us. We are a young team but we will do anything we can to exploit the true potential of this lineup and we hope to show you a really beautiful game.


Suivez l'édition de la 6CUP 2018 à la Paris Games Week dans le Hall 3 sur la scène Ubisoft ou sur Twitch et Youtube les 27 et 28 octobre 2018 avec Scok, Furious et Sixquatre !