Major 6 Raleigh is fast approaching! For this occasion, we have booked a series of small interviews with the various teams present. Today we are tackling FaZe.

FaZe is the Brazilian team who know a lot bigs national and world events.FaZe it's now three consecutive years at the first place in Pro League Latin America and their second 6major. During the first edition, Paris 2018, the Brazilian Pro League champion failed at the group stages. They had fallen into group D, consisting of Rogue, Secret, Orgless, and them. An hard group that Rogue and Secret had been ruthless and had bench FaZe and Orgless.

You won place in the 6Major, by finishing first in the LATAM pro league. How did you live this season 9?

TGK : We have a rough start to the season, but we focused on our work and did a great job at the PL regional finals, 7 unbeaten games.


You are a constant team. We found you all the time in big events. We can say you're familiar with teams outside LATAM. Your preparation is the same when you play teams outside your area or do you just try to impose your game? How are you doing that ?

TGK : Teams in Europe are much better prepared tactically, so we always try to impose our game to try to nullify any tactics they use.


You're in the D pool with Fnatic, Darkzero, ForZe. For the first time you will face ForZe, a team you've never play and who win Vitality and Chaos during the qualifier. How are you preparing against this team that surprised Europe?

TGK : We don't know the team itself but some players, they are very good and are surprising all the opponents. I'm sure it will be a very difficult game for us but we are ready.


What is your prognosis for each group? (If you wish you can not answer for your group)

TGK : 
Groupe A : Empire / MIBR
Groupe B : G2 / Rogue
Group C : EG / Giants
Group D : Fnatic / FaZe


A word for your community?

TGK : The affection you give us is very important and makes a total difference during the matches. Thanks so much for your support, love you all!

Leonardo "Astro" Luis 
Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol 
Rafael "mav" Freitas
João "yoona" Gabriel
Ronaldo "ion" Osawa 
Marlon "Twister" Mello (Coach)
Leandro "TGK" Portela (Manager)