After France, it's the turn of the United States to welcome the 6Major. It's in Raleigh that the best teams LATAM, APAC, EU and US will compete to win this event. Like any great event, the ESIX editorial team contacted each team to answer a few questions. Today we are tackling players who were unprepared for this event: forZe. Shockwave answered our questions about his team.

ESIX : Can you introduce the team, for those who don’t know you? (Where did you come from, since when did you play together, your past in the scene...)

Our team gathered from three different teams, VTG and Rusk were already playing in “forZe”, I came from “Team Empire”, as soon as I joined the team I realized that we needed replacements, otherwise it will not work. We invited Kama to the team, after that we waited until "p4sh4" to be 18 and as soon as he celebrated his 18th birthday, he joined our team, instead of Shangrii which was a replacement.
All these teams have been playing together for a year or more, and our team only 2 months, this suggests that we train better, we have more will to win. In 2 months we have become stronger than all these teams in everything. 


ESIX : You are the only team who’s not in CL / PL in this major. During the qualification, you have dropped two PL teams, what does this represent for you?

We realized all our mistakes, reviewed the recordings of games, understood what needs to be done and how. All the guys gave their best, which helped to beat these teams and reach the major.


ESIX : You have faced Chaos twice. The first in the end of the winner bracket, where you failed 2-0 and the second time in the final where you won 2-0 and this win allowed you to earn your place for the 6Major. What did you change to win this second meeting?

This means that all our efforts were not in vain, we trained 2 months for 6-8 hours a day. In 2 months we were able to do what others cannot for the whole year. I think this is a worthy result for such a short time.


ESIX : After qualifying for the major you won your place in CL, during the first qualifier. You got two amazing successes in a short time, how do you feel ?

We feel great, we are ready to continue to train and show excellent results, improve our game, become better and better. We will prove to everyone that we are better and stronger than many teams in the pro league.


ESIX : Who is your greatest enemy during this major?

EG and Team Empire, I want to meet these teams in the tournament and win them 2-0, especially EG for some reason I don’t like them as players, not all of course, but many of them.


ESIX : What is your prognosis for each group? (If you wish you cann’t answer for your group)

Group A -  Team Empire and TSM
Group B - G2 and Rogue
Group C - EG and Vodafone Giants (ex-LFO)
Group D - forZe and Fnatic


ESIX : Some words for your community?

Your support is very important for us, we will try our best not to disappoint everyone who supports us. Believe in us.


Artyom "cawkx" Morozov 
Alan "Rask" Ali 
Artyom "Shockwave" Simakov
Alexander "KaMa" Chernyshov
Pavel "p4sh4" Kosenko 
Denis "Shangri" Kazanin (coach)