La Paris Games Week c'est bientôt ! Et aujourd'hui, c'est Panix, le représentant de PENTA esports, qui nous a laissé quelques mots afin de nous en dire plus sur leurs ressentis mais aussi sur l'équipe.

Soon it's the Paris Games Week! Today we meet with Panix from PENTA esports for a few words.

You have won the French Cup, are you able to win the next french title with your newly formed "european" team?

We are capable of it all. This team is able to win against Pro League teams and lose against Challenger League team. We work very hard to keep consistance with our communication and teamplay. This is also the last competition before a small break between seasons, therefore we can give it all our energy. We are aiming to win both french cups in one year for the first time.

Not a long time ago you participated in the EuroCup, and unfortunately was lost with back to back defaits in the winner and loser bracket. What have you changed for this 6CUP?

We are starting to understand more and more game styles and we will not be caught by easily by surprise. We react quicker and we adapt faster. The EuroCup was a good experience for the next competitions and we are eager to confirm this with the Paris Games Week.

Among the teams qualified, which are do you think can surprise you?

We will not underestimate any teams. We have a very high level in France and it is higher than at the EuroCup. The teams not in Pro League will take advantage of an offline competition in front of the community and will be very eager to win. It will be necessary to be on our guard and calm their eagerness.

The Paris Games Week is an important meet up spot for fans, is it motivating or pressure for you?

Of course it is a motivation. It is a great gathering where lots of fans rally and other become fans. We do not have any other ways to meet with them in person, also the screaming crowd with each play increases the feelings and pleasure of playing. We compete for those moments, it is not time to be stressed out. We must have fun to please ourselves.

What have you gained from roster changes and how did you prepare for the 6CUP?

We now have many more escapes and solutions available when pinned down, we also have more skill. We listen to each other better and have great teamplay. Our weakness is still part of the communication and being able to constantly have teamplay. We work on lot on this to make it flow better and to help react when needed.

One last word for the community?

We are very happy to see you again after the Major in Paris! We will do everything we can to give you great games and I hope, on your end, you will make tons of noise to show that Rainbow Six has a voice. Do not be afraid to say hi, I do not think any pro player bite...that I know of.


Follow the 6CUP 2018 during the Paris Games Week on Twitchand Youtubeon October 27th and 28th.