The 2018 6CUP will begin in a couple of days at Paris Games Week. Alphama, from team Reflex Esport, has answered our questions in the lead up to the event.

How was your journey through the qualifier? Was it hard to keep up with the schedule? 

Having gone through the qualifier without losing a single map, I think it is fair to say we were never really worried. We did not underestimate anybody and played first and foremost for fun, and it has worked really well for the moment. We have to hand it to Gaël, Kro and Arkanael, the tournament's admins, they handled the schedule well and managed to plan games for teams according to their other competitive obligations.

What are your objectives at this event? How did you prepare for it?

The main focus is to have fun, to go back on stage for the 4 ex-pro players, and all 5 of us have participated in the latest Coupe de France. We are obviously aiming for the best possible result, but we mostly want to appreciate the game as a team, as friends, in front of a crowd and to give everybody a good show.

Which teams are you most worried about?

In our mindest of enjoying the game, the focus is mainly on us as players and more generally on our team rather than on others. We are not worried about anybody, but we will also not underestimate anyone.

What was your reaction when you qualified? What will be your reaction if you win?

We were obviously very happy with our performance, not losing a single map is quite impressive even if DW Rising gave us a real scare on the last map. Winning at the PGW (Paris Games Week) would be the culmination of this beautiful adventure which was built from the ground on a impulse in just a few hours. We would evidently be extremely happy and it would push us to keep going with this team and help a real working project come alive, which could be very good.

You were just officialised within Reflex Esport Club, how does it feel?

We are very happy with the first contact we got with Reflex. They are professional, they listen carefully, and have found solutions swiftly despite a tight timing while putting a great offer on the table which ticked every box for us, (which is not always easy to find), both on the short term and on the long term. We can not wait to experience this by their side.


Tune into the 2018 6CUP in Hall 3 of the Paris Games Week on the Ubisoft stage or on Twitch and Youtube (Both in French) on October 27th and 28th with Scok, Furious and Sixquatre!