The 6CUP is arrving quickly! Here is our interview with Anthrax from Supremacy.

You had an eventful Pro League with Alive in and out of the team and also being relegate to Challenger League, what is your goal for this 6CUP?

Just as any event, we aim for victory! We understand that it will be a very high level competition but we will give it all!

Is the Paris Games Week an important step to show the french scene that Supremacy has dealt with all its changes and is still one of the best french teams?

Of course, this competition is a dream come true to show not only the french community but also ourselves that we are not completely done. We did have a difficult season, but we really want to showcase that it was only a phase and that we can recover and reach a level as high as our ambitions.

We know that you are used to LANS but since such event is in France, is it even more motivating or at the contrary, is the pressure even higher?

A mix of both I guess! We are lucky, in France, to have an exceptional community and therefore to play in front of it inevitably makes us want to go beyond and offer a maginificent show. This can also become pressure, mostly coming from a complicated season and people are out to get us. However, we do have LAN experience and I trust in my teammates 100% and i know there will not be any bad pressure.

À cause de votre performance en Pro League, vous avez beaucoup été critiqués, comment faites-vous face à cela ?

Oui, dire que nous avons été beaucoup critiqués serait un euphémisme. On a conscience d'avoir fait une saison de PL très mauvaise, et nous en sommes les premiers mécontents. Les messages que l'on reçoit ne nous atteignent pas vraiment, ils sont agaçants mais on n'y accorde pas l'importance que les haters aimeraient qu'on leur donne. Comme on dit, on ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde, même les meilleures équipes s'attirent les foudres de personnes qui ont visiblement un peu trop de temps libre, la meilleure réponse à leur faire est de justement ne pas leur en donner.

Which are the teams that you are most afraid of?

When looking back at our season, we are not the favorites and therefore we have a lot to prove and we do not underestimate anyone.

A word to the community?

A big thank you to the people who still support us even when we are losing, the only real fans. Also thank you to the french community that is making the competitive scene flourish and let the players live such extraordinary events such as this PGW. 


Follow the 6CUP 2018 during the Paris Games Week on Twitchand Youtubeon October 27th and 28th.