It was Brazil's turn to kick off Season 7 of LATAM Pro League last Wednesday. Two games were scheduled as Black Dragons faced Red Canids and Team oNe faced Bootkamp. Here is a summary of these games in case you missed them!


The first matchup was Black Dragons   against Red Canids 

The first map of the series is Consulate. Right from the start, Julio from BD shows how efficient one can be with the new buffed version of Blitz. Red Canids' decision to start off defending the middle floor does unfortunately not pay off. While Lion sees a lot of play, the teams don't seem to have much interest in Finka.
Red Canids avoid a clean sweep on the map by clinching a win on Black Dragon's middle floor defense, but cannot stop the latter from taking the map 5-1.

The second map the teams have to play on is another Pro League classic, namely Oregon. The change in maps does not lead to a significant change in selected operators for any team.
No surprises either in the choice of bombsites as Red Canids start off by defending the basement. Once again, their choice does not pay off, as Black Dragons take the round with ease after clearing the roamers nicely.
Finka sees some play by Red Canids in the secound round and actually helps them win it in a convincing fashion.
Despite a better showing altogether from Red Canids on Oregon, Black Dragons end up taking the map, and the series, with a 5-3.

Black Dragons come out on top as expected despite Red Canids putting up a good fight.


The second match of the evening saw Team oNe face Bootkamp

Once again, the first map is Consulate. Bootkamp of for a top floor defense in the first round but cannot hold tight enough to deny Team oNe
One of the talking points of this map will definitely be GdNN1's ninja defuse on Mira, stunning Bootkamp's last remaining attackers.
Bootkamp however get over it and manage to win the first map 5-3.

And the comparison with the first series of the evening goes on as the second map of this matchup will also be Oregon. Team oNe go for a Frost in their line-up right off the bat but she has little impact as they concede the round. This map is reminicent of the old Brazilian META, where the skill in gunfights largely undermines the quality and complexity of strats. Team One are however quite convincing as they start winning multiple rounds in a row and eventually take Oregon 5-2.

The decider map is Club House. Both teams use Lion and Blitz effictively to push away roamers. In the first round, Team oNe's attack eventually beats Bootkamp. The latter also lose their own attack due to a lack of efficient droning according to the American casters.
Bootkamp then finally get their first round on Club House. The next round will also see them bring the first Glaz of this season's LATAM Pro League.

This map ends up being a lot tighter than the two others. Team oNe do however clinch the win on Club House in Overtime 6-4, and close out the series 2-1.

Here is a small summary of Wednesday night's games:

- Black Dragons 2-0 Red Canids
- Team oNe 2-1 Bootkamp

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Translated by @Chevrotte