We just learned that at the end of the month, LeStream will drop their Rainbow Six roster and both the players and staff with be out of contract. What does this mean? That they will not be representing LeStream anymore and are looking for a new organization to support them. LeStream did not mention wanting to pick up another Rainbow Six team. 


Their Rainbow Six journey

On November 29 2018, LeStream picks up the roster, originally with Millenium. They sign UUNO and Alphama and directly enter Pro League. UUNO had already proven what he could do after spending one year with ENCE eSports, however picking Alphama was more of a risky move. Indeed, the young Léo Robine has played with a few french teams such as Dizlown during the GA2018 or Supremacy from May to September 2018. 


In 2018, the team was still looking for their equilibrium and did not perform well during the Winter DreamHack in Jönköping by losing 2-1 versus PACT in a close matchup but that denied them a spot in the playoffs.

LSE - DreamHack Winter 2018 - Maria Hästabacka


Beginning of 2019, they start the Pro League Season 9 by losing right away 7-2 versus ENCE, but next day and throughout the season, they start climbing and they win 7-2 versus PENTA. This domination will continue and they will only lose when faced with Empire or Chaos and even make it difficult for G2 by having two tied game against them. 


But before continuing to discuss their journey, let’s mention how they did during the 2019 Six Invitational. Even with good results in Pro League Season 9, they barely qualify for the Six Invitation and only make it through the loser’s bracket. They also do not make it through the group phase by losing first versus EG and then PENTA.

The team among the crowd at Place Bell - Kitomy


Nethertheless, despite their disappointment at the Six Invitational, they do not lose their motivation in Pro League and the statistics provided by SiegeGG speak for themselves.


Then, there were a few staff changes, since Robz, previously known for his casting, joins the team as manager by replacing Tapis who had been there since their time in Millenium. 

Robz during the Gamer Assembly 2019 - Kitomy


In the meanwhile, they, very easily, win the GA2019 in Poitiers and also the online TopAchat Cup.


They end up second in the Season 9 Pro League, just behind Empire, and qualified for the Milan Finals on May 18 and 19. They had good chances but FaZe was stronger and prevents them from going further.


korey joins the team May 30th

More recently, they showed their strength during the Minor in Las Vegas in June 2019. Even with a new player, since UUNO left for G2 and was replaced by korey, they did really well and made it to the grand final vs. Team Secret where they lost 2-1 in a close game. 


How about the future?

They now are Free Agents and will still be playing together as a team but are looking for an organization to help them. They will be playing under the name “Looking For Organization" and will be using the logo below.

We will see LFO shortly at the 2019 DreamHack Valencia from July 4th to 7th. 


We hope they can rapidly find an organization!