Ubisoft announced during the Esport panel of the Six Invitational what Year 4 will bring.The Six is also the time to start a new year where the Rainbow Six competitive calendar grows more and more every time. Just like the cash prize of more than 1 million dollar demonstrates, Rainbow Six is constantly growing in the esport world. We can also mention that the cash prize is actually about 2 million dollars, but the “extra” will be used as future cash prizes on large competitions.

Year 3 was full of changes and surprises, notably the format of the different Pro League Seasons which now last 6 months. We also saw the Pick and Ban emerge, which considerably changed the competition. For Year 4, this system will be consolidated and Ubisoft will try to make it better. At the same time, there will be more matches just like we saw already with an intense beginning to Pro League Season 9.

It is now time to look at the calendar of events and check out the most important events for 2019. First of all, the Pro League Finals will be in Milan, Italy. It will be a good time to be back in Europe and to meet with the italian community. They have only hosted one event thus far, the Eurocup in October 2018 during the Milan Games Week.

Then, the 2nd Major will be in the US, but no exact location just yet. However, we can only guess how big this event will be due to the fact that most of the community is from NA and it is also where the biggest competitions have taken place.

Dreamhacks will also be back. 1st in Valencia and then in Montreal in September. Asia will also open their doors to Rainbow Six competitions. We do not know exactly where yet, but we know something for sure: we are eager to get to know what this region will showcase! APAC is full of talent as evidenced during this Six Invitational where Nora Rengo or FNATIC shine.

A breath of fresh air is blowing on the upcoming partnerships with Ubisoft. In December 2019 the OGA PIT tournament will be happening in Croatia. They are aiming for more tournaments in different continents, countries and be closer to the international community. There have been no competition is eastern Europe just yet beside Russian national tournaments.

This highly of this year will be to consolidate the competitive format and to highlight the Challenger League. It is true that the Pro League is always the one shining and sometimes cast a shadow on the Challenger League. But Ubisoft will make it a goal to appreciate it more and increase the cash prize for finalists. This is all possible based on the success of the Six Invitational.

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