The 2019 Six Invitational will start in a few days in Montreal with the 16 best Rainbow Six teams in the world. We met with ENEMY from the European team PENTA to hear more about them before the competition starts.

ESIX : Hello ENEMY, could you please introduce yourself and the PENTA team ?

ENEMY : I am ENEMY, Captain and IGL of the line up Rainbow Six Siege for PENTA. Joining me since the beginning of this project is RevaN, french player; since the Six Major in Paris is Hungry from Germany and SirBoss from Hungary and then Blas, also from Hungary that joined us at the end of December.


ESIX : You made roster changes at the beginning of the season. How is it going with Blas ? What does he bring to the team ?

ENEMY : Blas integrated very well and it was a unanimous decision to bring him on board. He brings robustness in duels and some calm within the team. He is very serene et a good listener, really, the ideal teamate.

ESIX : You will be a part of the Six Invitational again this year, what do you think you need to make it further this time ?

ENEMY : We need serenity, trust and clarity; there are 16 of the best teams in the world and there are no margin for error.Every decision taken will need to be thought about and without regrets since there will barely be any time, matches go by very quickly.


ESIX : You are in the group phases with Evil Geniuses who are having an excellent start of the Pro League season, but also LeStream and Nora-Rengo. How do you tackle, as a team, this group ?

ENEMY : Every game will be like playing the final for us, we will give it all. Surely, it is a solid group but just like any other. We cannot under or over estimate a team, we must remain confident, trust our plan and our objective. We are here to determine who are the best, we have the potential, time for us to apply it. 


ESIX : Any last words? And good luck in Montreal.

ENEMY : I wanted to thank all of the people who support us, there are always more and more of you, and it is extremely pleasing, it be for the team or a player in particular. Thank you for the interview. There is only one true hastag #THISISPENTA