Obviously, when you go to a LAN, either a Major or Minor, you expect to see the teams fight against each others until there only one left that will raise that trophy up. But LANs are also a way for the Siege community to meet. And sometimes you may see some familiar outifts...

You already know it. The cosplayers are making the very unreal characters of a game being very real. More creative than ever, they usually can't wait to see how the new operators will look, to be just like them.

Today, we invite you to meet Pan (@CosplayPan), that you may have seen as Kaid or Blackbeard!



ESIX: Can you introduce yourself?

Pan: Hi my name is Pan I am 36 from Germany and currently living in Dubai. And I am awesome! (ok get rid of that part ;) )

ESIX: For how long have you been cosplaying?

Pan: I have been cosplaying for about 8 years (well my first cosplay was based of the movie The Three Musketeers) I mainly cosplayed Knights and Warriors before I started cosplaying Ubisoft games (Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six, For Honor, Far Cry).

ESIX: What do you like the most in Siege? What do you dislike?

Pan: I like the versatility of the Characters on Siege and the community. I don't really like the toxicity, but these are rare people that are not representating the Siege community.

ESIX: What do you enjoy the most in those major events? What are your greatest meetings in the community?

Pan: Meeting folks I know and friends. And of course watching the games in real time, I love the adrenaline rush.... Greatest meetings... Paris 2018 majors.

ESIX: What do you like the most about cosplay?

Pan: Becoming the Character! During the preparation for the cosplay I read anything lore related to the character, beside this I watch movies that fit to the character (e.g. Blackbeard Guerrilla) I watched while I was making the costume 5 Vietnam war related movies (Platoon, Full metal jacket, Apocalypse Now and so on). For Maestro I am studying the different Italian army divisions and I work on my Italian gestures and language. ;)


Photo : R3siak


Thanks to Pan for his time, and if you see him in Milan, ask him to take a picture with you!