Guillaume “Scok”Beck is the iconic voice in France as a Rainbow Six caster. Since the beginning of the game, he has been using his voice to animate the matches and bring the public to him.

He has casted all of the Leagues, starting by the Challenger and then specializing in the Pro League. We have also been able to hear him on big events such as the Six Invitational. We have talked to him multiple times, but once again, ESIX reached out just before the Pro League Finals in Milan!

ESIX : Hello Scok, thank you for answering our questions. Could you please introduce yourself?

Scok : Hello! I am Guillaume “Scok” Beck, I am 29 years old and I am a french Rainbow Six caster and streamer for about 3 years now!

ESIX : Since when have you been commentating games?

Scok : I started in January/February 2016 so a little more than 3 years ago and made it my profession in July 2016.

ESIX : Why did you start casting?

Scok : Since I was little I was passionate by the audiovisual. I did some radio work in high school and I loved it! I also commentated some Racer racers which are aviation Formula 1 and I adored it! So naturally, from my love of video games since I was a child and by discovering esports, I became passionate about casting. My 1st cast was Starcraft2, which i was pretty bad at but I loved it and so I worked harder to make it better and make it my profession :)

ESIX : What do you think about the work of Furious, your partner as caster?

Scok : It is really awesome to be surrounded by Pro League Champions and ex-pro players because it contrasts perfectly with what I can bring. I am there for the hype, the play-by-play, the rythme and the excitement. Furious, on the other hand brings strategy, they “why”, they “how did they avoid this”, etc… A caster is nothing without his counterpart and the chemistry between them is essential!

ESIX : You have commented many Pro League Finals, what is your prognosis for this one? Who will win it?

Scok : No prognosis possible with the season we have had! No G2, Rogue, Liquid and Nora Rengo rebuilding themselves… it is very difficult to say. I do think that EU will win this PL. LeStream can go very far and will do it. I would like to believe in a LSE/Empire final. Very probable.

ESIX : What game do you dream of casting?

Scok : A Six Invitational final in front of hundred of thousands of viewers, a french team and very tense game… I do not have a specific team in mind but this scenario would be amazing.

ESIX : Your best memory as a caster?

Scok : There are 2 of them: Playing Ducks vs. Most Wanted in Y1S33 because it was my 1st emotion and very intense casting game and the 2nd, of course, the finals in Rio, it be Nora Rengo VS Rogue or Fnatic VS EG. With the APAC advent, Furious and I were so excited! Mostly due to the atmosphere in the Rio Arena. It was nuts! Our best cast, from far.


Thank you again Scok for this interview and we wish you the best for the finals!