They won the Minor in Las Vegas with the new player, Ferral and now they prepare to battle the 16 best teams in the world from August 12 to 18 in Raleigh, USA. 

After being relegated to Challenger League, Team Secret decided to show us their true level. To know more about it, we talked to one of their player: Bryan “Elemzje” Tebessi.


ESIX: Hello and thank you for answering our questions. You have recently picked up Ferral (beginning of June) and you won the Minor in Las Vegas. Do you think you found the right person?

Elemzje: Yes, I clearly think that we have found the right person because Ferral is very calm and brings a lot strategically speaking, as lead or redirection. As such, he really complements MeepeY and this is what we were missing lately. Most notably with some of the bad performances we have had. I think we were missing that, someone that can direct us, bring calm and mostly skill, because despite what some may think, he is very strong.


ESIX: For this last Pro League season, you were relegated to Challenger League. How did you react to this descent and then after when you were able to win a Minor?

Elemzje: When we lost the relegation match, nothing was going well. But honestly, we were expecting it some: we did not have a good season, we knew that the team was not on top mentally and in team gameplay. So let’s say we were expecting it a bit even though we thought we could win. We expected the loss and when we actually loss, well it did hurt and after we had a long discussion where Stizz announced he was leaving. We still wanted to stay together with the rest of the team, we tested different options and Ferral joined. But really, we wanted to stick together.


ESIX: Are you prepared to face a specific team? If so which one? How did you prepare for this Major?

Elemzje: We have not prepared for a specific team. We did prepare Rogue because it is our 1st game. We are just preparing map options right now. We focus on our game and not on other’s game right now but I think we will have a few days before the Major for a VOD session to see how they play on maps we might play. But, yea, for the moment we focus on our game. Really, the 1st team we started to look at is Rogue. Then in our group are G2 and Cyclops. G2 we know them and I am not sure we need to work on something we already know how and what to play them. But Cyclops, we do now know at all so we will be watching a few things. After, how we prepare for the Major is a little different, because you do have all the “best teams in the world”, so inevitably you prepare yourself as best you can. But the most important thing for a Major is to focus on team spirit, work our strategy but mostly communication and teamplay because it makes all the difference.


ESIX: You talk about Rogue as 1st match that you are preparing knowing that they won the other Minor, the DreamHack Valencia. They showed incredible gameplay and dominated throughout until the Grand Final. Is this something essential for you to have all the Rogue VOD (DreamHack, Pro League, US Nationals)

Elemzje: Yes, inevitably, they played a lot of competitions so there are plenty of VOD to watch. Then we need to be careful, because for example, Rogue might be one of the best teams in the world on Kare but they lost versus TSM at the USN. I watched that game and they did not play as they usually do. So you need to be careful because a few teams also do baits like “oh now they are not good on Kafe so we should pick it” but in the end they are as good as always, so there is a playful intent with VODs. You need to select the good ones, the best VOD and the ones that can bring the most here are probably the ones from Valencia. It is clear that this is a disadvantage for them but you cannot let the VOD be everything. Like I previously said, focus on our own gameplay and we will see the rest.


ESIX: If you had to pick one, which group is the most difficult for this Major?

Elemzje: For me it would be Group C, but all of them are difficult because they all have some traps. For example, Group A, there is already Empire, but also Nora-Rengo, but without Wokka, we are not sure.. But they are still good. Then Immortals who went all the way to the Pro League Final in Milan but now they are almost last in LATAM Pro League. They are not doing great, but still qualified because of Milan. TSM are doing awful in Pro League but on BO3 they are beasts! So see… that’s only Group A, weird one.

Then Group B, I would rather not say anything because karma. But Cyclops is kinda the new Nora-Rengo, they look like beasts and we cannot underestimate them and I think they are really strong. Then for me, Group C is probably the most difficult one because of EG. They had a slow mid Pro League season but came back, also they are finally allowed to play with Geoometrics who is an incredible player and very important for EG, so playing with Geoo will be different. Well for LFO (now Giants Gaming), no need to introduce them, then SpaceStation, they are sometimes good and others not so much. NiP in LAN events are beasts as well so I think this group is complicated. It is a group where I cannot say who will make it out, but I would place a small bet on LFO or NiP, or LFO and EG. 


ESIX: What would be your dream Grand Final?

Elemzje: If I can dream of a Grand Final it would be EG vs. Secret, but based on performance I see Empire vs LFO: 100% Europe.


ESIX: What is a common trait that you share among the team?

Elemzje: I think something that we have in common is the mind, we are all very strong mentally. MeepeY is always the one calming everyone and bringing wisdom, he can even do some psychology mid games. Leon, Fonkers and Ferral are always very quick at bouncing back when something goes wrong. So, I think that we are very strong mentally and we have proved it by staying together after going down and then back up all together. We did new strats to prepare for the Minor and we won it. To qualify for the Major I think is a good demonstration of our mindset and only a few teams would have been able to do that.


ESIX: What do you think about the evolution of Rainbow Six Siege in terms of competition and gameplay?

Elemzje: In terms of competition, I am very happy because I have been playing since the game came out and I have seen it evolve and i think it evolved well. At the beginning, the Pro League were small, with 30,000 Euros cash prizes for the whole event. Now we are at 180,000 to 200,000 euros and Major with 2 millions! Yes, the game has evolved nicely in terms of competition, it be in the cash prize or for the teams with many more competitive teams in new regions such as APAC or Brazil. The competition is way more intense. I am mostly talking from a european perspective, but it’s true that in Europe everyone is strong. When talking about gameplay, i am a little nostalgic about the beginning of the game, no Hibana, no Mozzie, no Lesion. Only Bandit, Jäger, Pulse, Castle, Mute, Rook, Doc, Kapkan et Tatchanka, and the game was “so they will be coming this way, let’s Bandit trick. There was no impact trick, no “i will break the floor under to prevent Hibana’s X-Kairos”. All of that did not happen, before you killed Thermite and that made you win the round and it was the best moment.


ESIX: In that case, do you miss playing Plane in Pro League?

Elemzje: Totally! I did play Plane in Pro League and we won the map Y1S2 but no, i am not missing it in Pro League now as it is a map with a lot of surprises and only a few team would play it so you could not ban it in Pro League and play against a team that thought you would ban it. I never actually really liked this map and I am happy that it is not in Pro League anymore.


ESIX: Lastly, any words for your fans?

Elemzje: Thank you to everyone who supports us, in the good and bad. Thank you also to Team Secret for their unconditional support, they are always there for us and are incredible. Thank you to KrO and Pandy for the interview. Thank you again to all of the one that support us and we will give it all in Raleigh to represent you well. And I will personally give it all to represent France.


Thank you Elemzje for answering our questions. You can see Team Secret play in Group B at the Major in Raleigh!