Team Empire is a fresh team from the Rainbow Six scene, they only signed 20th July 2018. However, in few months the team got on top of the Challenger League to get on top on the Pro League then. They are now at the door of the 'World Cup' of Rainbow Six, the Six Invitational. You only have to look at their results to see the power of the line-up, which has not been defeated since the Dreamhack Winter, against Spacestation Gaming.


We asked some questions to this Russian team, that may become the biggest team in Europe :

ESIX : Since when have you been playing together ? How would you describe your teammates ?

Jak2oO : My name is Oleg. I am the manager of Team Empire Rainbow Six. The current squad was formed after the guys returned from DreamHack Winter 2018, where they took 3rd place. The composition is very strong and every day it only gets stronger. They are strong in spirit and skills.

ESIX : You have been playing really well recently, how are you so consistent?

Jak2oO : Our statistics are the result of hard work and zeal to become the best.

ESIX : How are you preparing for this big tournament knowing that it is Scyther's and karzheka's first major ?

Jak2oO : We approach all performances with complete composure, where there is no place for uncertainty and fear of something new.

ESIX : Are you afraid of playing against any team in particular ?

Jak2oO : We are not afraid of any particular team. We are ready for everyone.

ESIX : Do you have anything to say to your supporters ?

Jak2oO : Of course, the support of fans is very important to us. At first, we were loved and supported only in the Russian-speaking region. But lately, we have a lot of fans from other regions, it really helps and gives strength to go further. I wanted to say to all those who follow our games and more for us thank you very much! You give us the strength to go on and it only gets better !


We just can't wait to see Team Empire play against teams from all over the world, since they just played against European teams for the moment !