The Six Invitational is coming ! The biggest teams Rainbow Six: Siege will compete in Montreal. Four Brazilian teams are competiting to represent their country. For this occasion, Leandro "TGK" Portela, team manager, answered our questions about FaZe :

Could you please introduce the members of the team for the ones that do not know you yet ?

For sure! R6 FaZe Clan roster consists of cameram4n, yoona, astro, muringa and mav.

After the Six Major in Paris you decided to replace gohaN by Yonna, why did you make this decision ?

Unfortunately this was a difficult decision, gohaN is one of the best players in the world however we had internal posture problems and were affecting the team. Yoona came to help us with his communication and skills, with his entry we had more security to continue the work that was being carried out throughout 2018.

During the group phases, you will be faced with a lot of team that you already know. Which one is the most menacing ?

Our group is composed of teams that we have faced in the past, including the NiP that we know very well because it is from our region. I believe that the games will be quite disputed, the teams are playing at a high level, Fnatic has evolved a lot last season and I believe in their potential but NiP is the most menacing, I hope.

After so many Pro League games played and casted, are you worried about other teams knowing your strats ? How do you prepare to counter it ?

This is common, we are already in the 3rd year of the game and more and more teams are evolving tactically. However, we always try to hone or create something to have an extra play. 

We have seen some difficulties against other brazilian teams, but are they the ones you are most worried about ?

Yes and not. We know well the Brazilian teams, but our game style is the most aggressive in the world, so all games are always quite fierce.

Who do you think will make it past group phases ?

FaZe - NIP
Rogue - Immortals
G2 - Liquid
EG - Lestream

Any last words for the Rainbow Six community ?

Thank you for y’all for the support. I hope to see lots of fans in Canada and talk a little with them. We will do our best to bring the title to you !

Obrigado a todos vocês pelo suporte nos dado. Eu espero vê-los no Canadá e poder conversar um pouco com cada um. Tenham certeza que iremos dar o nosso melhor para trazer esse título para o Brasil!

Leonardo "Astro" Luis
Gabriel "cameram4n" Hespanhol 
João "HSnamuringa" Deam 
Rafael "mav" Freitas
João "yoona" Gabriel
 Leandro "TGK" Portela (Manager)