The biggest competition of the year will be here in a few weeks, the Six Invitational. All of the regions are represented but here let's focus on APAC. FNATIC has been one of the top team for the region along with Nora Rengo. More recently they have won all of their beginning of Pro League season 9 matches. It seems that they we will be seeing a FNATIC team in great shape in Montreal!


Six Masters 2018


ESIX : The Six Invitational is the most expected Rainbow Six event of the year and has been around for a few years now. What does it mean for you to be back since you were there with Mindfreak last year?

Magnet : Of course it feels really good to be back at Six Invitational again. However since joining Fnatic I believe it is expected to qualify for the biggest rainbow 6 event of the year.

ESIX : Do you dread any team from your region or from a region in particular?

Magnet : No. I believe that this will be one of the most competitive majors so far, where almost any team from any region can win.

ESIX : How do you prepare yourself for this competition? How do you evaluate yourself? Based on praccs or officials matches?

Magnet : Due to the fact that the ANZ region is still very inexperienced, it is best that we bootcamp before an event of this size overseas. At the moment we are bootcamping in London at FNATIC HQ, where we can play against both EU and NA teams. Practice is a good way to judge how the team is going, but obviously game day will be the real test.

ESIX : What do you think about an event like the Six Invitational, not only from the competitive standpoint but also has a gathering of the Rainbow Six community?

Magnet : Rainbow Six especially for me is the best way to get in touch with everyone from the community in person. It’s the biggest event which means there are so many new people to meet and a lot of people to catch up with. It’s like 1 big family. 

ESIX : Any last words for your fans, them being from other regions or yours ?

Magnet : As we are from a small region, most of our fans are from other regions. We love and appreciate all the support from all over the world, and thrive on being the underdogs at all tournaments we play at. So thanks for always having our backs.


We wish them the best for this upcoming competition !