Our previous champions G2esports will try to prove once again they can win it all, in Montreal ! We asked Goga a few questions before the competition.

ESIX :You are the favorite team to win it all right now based on your latest 2018 results. How does it feel? Is that an additional burden for you?

Goga : Honestly we don't feel any kind of pressure just because of our past achievements. We're coming to win this tournament playing our best game.


ESIX : The beginning of this Pro League season has been slightly more difficult for you, how do you explain it?

Goga : It happens, every team has a bad streak and definetely we've had some bad games but we are aware of it and we fixed it. It's better to have this mistakes in Pro League and not in the Invitationals !


ESIX : How are you getting prepared for the Six Invitational in relation to the unusual results you have been obtaining in Pro League?

Goga : We are preparing like always, having our training hours and making them as efficient as possible.


ESIX : Which teams are the ones to be cautious about during the Invitational?

Goga : I think every team is dangerous. Every team in the Invitationals can win it. We can't have a mentality where we think a team is not a threat.


ESIX : One last word for your fans out there?

Goga : Thanks a lot guys, we really appreciate your support and I hope you cheer for us in the invitationals!