They are almost undefeated in Japan, and they make their opponents from the entire world shaken. Nora Rengo wants to go big, and we see them again and again on the biggest scenes. They are unforgettables with their funny faces, their dances, and without considering Kizoku's eccentricity.


At the moment they are top 2 of the Japanese Pro League, just behind Cyclops, that are on point, and we cannot wait to discover them. During the Pro League Season 9 Finals in Milan, they had to fight against their APAC's brothers, FNATIC. Excluding the results, the APAC zone has big chances to see one of their champions on the scene!


We asked a few questions to Kizoku, before the major:


ESIX: What do you expect from this Major, the biggest event of the year, just after the Six Invitational?

kizoku: We were the best 4 in six invi, so we are aiming for better results this time!

ESIX: Are you afraid to fight against your brothers from APAC again ? Since, at the last Season 9 Pro League Finals, you were defeated by FNATIC.

kizoku: No, I'm not afraid at all. I am glad that the level of APAC has been raised. Cyclops are a great new team representing APAC.

ESIX: Do you have special strategies for APAC teams, as you know them better? Or do you fight the same way with everyone?

kizoku: It's a secret!

Milan 2019 - Kitomy

ESIX: How does the team feel since YoshiNNGO’s joined the team?

kizoku: I think it became stronger.

ESIX: What is your best technique to relax before a big event like this major ? What does the ‘supa relax’ coach do in those moments ?

kizoku: I give them free time and let them have a nice time with your lover or family.

ESIX:  What would you like to say to your fans worldwide?

kizoku: We win while enjoying this time. I'm thinking about a new dance, so please look forward to it!



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