Hello Risze, first of all thank you for answering our questions and congratulations on your qualification.

ESIX : This event will be your first Major since your team joined LeStream Esport, how are you approching it?

Risze : We're confident and hungry. We have shown good things during the qualifiers and in Pro League until now and we are very  motivated for the Six Invitational.


ESIX : You have had to play many matches in quick succession during the qualifier as you were also dealing with Pro League. How does one handle such a congested schedule? 

Risze : With a good daily organization and enough rest between matches/scrims. We can not always choose the schedule, but we did not have too many complicated matches in a row since we managed to stay in the Upper Bracket until the final, except for Sunday when we played Vitality just after losing to Empire. We just reset our mindsets and went into the game as if nothing had happened beforehand.


ESIX : You have had a decent start to this season of Pro League, what are the strengths and the weaknesses you have to work on as a team in order to be ready for the Invitational?

Risze : I think we have managed to very swiftly change the coordination between our droning and our entries from being our greatest weakness until the game against ENCE into our greatest strength since then. We have very skilful players supported by very smart players, and when everybody works together the result is amazing. Our weaknesses right now would probably be in our inability to slow things down in some mid-round situations and people are not always helping eachother out in key areas in defense, but we're working on it.


ESIX : You will face Evil Geniuses, PENTA and Nora-Rengo in the group stage of the Invitational. What will it take to reach the playoffs?

Risze : Play our game at full strength. I am convinced that we can beat anybody as long as we dictate the rythm and are in control of aggression.


ESIX : You are going to be a part of a major on Rainbow Six once more, how are you feeling personally? 

Risze: C'est une grande fierté personnelle, bien plus que pour le Six de l'année dernière étant donné qu'on est passés par la case Qualifiers Online cette fois. J'ai hâte d'y être. 
Risze : I am very proud, a lot more than for last year's Six Invitational* since we went through the Online Qualifiers this time. I cannot wait to be there.

 *Risze qualified to last year's Invitational through the Community vote with team Vitality

ESIX : Finally, what do you have to say to your fans?

Risze : Thanks for always being there, in the good and in the bad times. It gave us a lot of strenght during the qualifier, and I am sure it will give us a lot the Invitational too!


Thank you for answering our questions, have a good major!
As a reminder, you will be able to follow the Six Invitational from Feb. 11th to Feb. 17th on Twitch and on Youtube!