Hello Lazzo, first of all, thank you for agreeing to answer our questions.

ESIX: What does it mean for you and your team to be at the Six Invitational ?

Lazzo: It is a honor for us to play at the biggest tournament of Rainbow Six Siege. We are very proud that we made it so far and qualified again for the World Championship.

ESIX: You ended up in Group C that contains the last Pro League and Six Invitationals Champions, as well as Team Liquid that won the Season 7 Pro League. How will you tackle this group ?

Lazzo: We are looking at every game they played in the past so we get as much information as possible to counter strat them and to understand how they are playing and reacting to certain playstyles.

ESIX: You are currently having some difficulties in Pro League, how will you fix those problems before the Six Invitational ?

Lazzo: One thing which led to our current positon in the Pro League was the player change we made.The whole team was forced to find a new playstyle and the communication was not on point all the time but that is normal and beofre the Six Invitational I am  sure we will fix all those problems and will be ready to win.

ESIX: Last year you qualified but did not make it past the group stages. How do you feel this time and what is your main goal ?

Lazzo: I am confident that we can make it out of the group stage this time. Of course it will not be easy due to the fact that we got one of the strongest groups this year.

ESIX: How has it been to have Cry1NNN in the team ?

Lazzo: Cryn as our newest member brings new ideas and strats into the team as well as new motivation. Overall I think he is a very good addition to the team and I am sure he will show the World that he is worth it playing at such a big event.

ESIX: Which team do you think will make history and surprise everyone during the Six Invitational ?

Lazzo: I think that you should take a look at Fnatic and NIP which both are looking very scary and can perform even better at Lan-Events.

ESIX: To conclude this interview, do you have a few words for your fans before heading to such an important event in Montreal ?

Lazzo: We are very proud of every single fan we got out there and hope to see a lot of them in Montreal. So if you guys see us in Montreal dont hesitate to say hello we love you.

Thank you for answering our questions, have a good major! As a reminder, you will be able to follow the Six Invitational from Feb. 11th to Feb. 17th on Twitch and on Youtube!