NiP, one of the biggest Brazilian team qualified themselves for the Six Invitational. They are often competing for the top sports with FaZe or Black Dragons. In Brazil, they came 2nd in the season 2 of the OGA PIT, just behind FaZe. Right now they are 3rd of the 2019 Brasileirão. They are also doing pretty good in the current Pro League season even though it feels that they could be doing better. It is truly a team effort but more particularly Psycho and Julio who are the drivers of this team.


Six Major Paris 2018


We asked the team a few questions :

ESIX : What is the common trait that you guys share among each other ?

Julio : Everyone with the same mentality ingame and outside of the game at the moment.

ESIX : What was it that inspired your reaction last season, when you came back from being bottom of the rankings ?

Julio : We didn't understand BO1, the new Operators and map bans at the start of the season, just in the second half we got the scrim rhythm with the maps bans etc.

ESIX : Psycho is a clutch master at the moment, how do you explain it ?

Julio : He has a really fast aim for clutches and he is pretty calm.

ESIX : What is the main difference between national and international events ?

Julio : I think the only difference is that we are not scrimming all 7 maps, just 3-4 because of Pro League.

ESIX : How are you preparing for the Six Invitational while competing in Pro League at the same time ?

Julio : For Invitational we gonna re-do all strat/dry runs and prac all 7 maps.

ESIX : Do you have anything to say to your supporters ?

Julio : Thanks for all the support from Brazilian fans and from all over the world, we are pretty confident for this tournament and we gonna bring the Brazilian hype again.


We wish them good luck for the Six Invitational !