They impressed the whole world at the last Six Invitational, not only with their dynamic gameplay but they also conquered the hearts of the community. Nora Rengo recently came up 2nd of the APAC Pro League and once again after their all time adversaries, FNATIC. It is almost impossible to resist to their incredible dance moves and we really hope they will be preparing something special for the Milan Finals!


Six Invitational 2019, Kitomy


ESIX: How will you prepare yourself for this competition after managing 2nd place in the APAC Pro League?

kizoku: As new members join my team, we will be back stronger than at APAC Pro League finals!

ESIX: Do you have any new dance moves to show us for these finals?

kizoku: About the dance, it is still a secret...

ESIX: What is your relationship with the public, it be from Japan or the rest of the world?

kizoku: We are always thankful to the fans all over the world. I will do my best to make us the best 4 again!

ESIX: How do you feel about facing FNATIC again? This remind us of the Six Invitational as well and the more recent APAC Pro League.

kizoku: We think FNATIC is a brother, so it's a complicated feeling to play again... I wanted to match them in the grand finals if possible.

ESIX: Have you guys ever been to Italy? How do you feel about travelling there?

kizoku: I have been to Italy when I was a high school student, I want to eat it again because pizza and pasta are so delicious!


We wish them the best for those Pro League finals!