TSM was not born a long time ago, however they impressed everyone many times. They qualified for Raleigh's Major and it is only the beginning. For you, ESIX met Owen "Pojoman" Mitura, former coach  and now player of this blossoming team! 



ESIX : Hello Pojoman and thank you for answering our questions. Could you please introduce yourself ?

PojomanHey I'm Pojoman I am now the support player for TSM, I have been playing siege professionally since the beginning of pro league. The majority of my career I played for what is now known as Dark Zero. I recently switched from coaching TSM to playing just this month.

ESIX : You qualified for this Major in Raleigh due to your 2-0 victory vs. SpaceStation Gaming. Which teams do you fear to play? Are you ready for this major ?

Pojoman : Our only concern at the moment is mainly Team Empire and the rest of our group. Outside of that there aren't really any teams that scare us, with a game as finicky and unpredictable as Siege any team can win, I think watching any PL game in any region shows that.

ESIX : How do you prepare yourself for such event ?

Pojoman : We are mainly focusing on ourselves and our play as opposed to over analyzing other teams. Of course we will look at a teams tendencies but all the counter stratting in the world won't help you when if the other team does something completely new.

ESIX : You are a young team, just announced a few weeks back but you have already surprised so much based on the Raleigh qualifier and the 2019 US Nationals. What is the key to your success ?

PojomanWe didn't do anything special for the Raleigh qualifiers, we studied our opponents and then just played to win and didn't hesitate on our decision making. Everyone thought we would get the host country invite so we wanted to prove them all wrong and take away any doubt that we earned our spot.

ESIX : We know that every player brings something unique to the team, please tell us what each of them brings ?

PojomanOur strength as a team comes from everyone being exceptional at their roles. Merc is straight gunnwe we can rely on to open up the round. Achieved and Beaulo thrive in chaotic situations. b1ologic is super flexible and is the most active IGL I've seen in siege. Last is me who is just an old man trying to keep up.

ESIX : Any last words for your fans ?

Pojoman : Id like to thank all our fans for being there every step of the way and i'd like to thank all the fans of the digest for being patient.


Thank you very much Pojoman for your answers! ESIX’s team wishes you the best of luck for this major!