The city of Montreal is preparing for the arrival of many agents from all around the globe. Of course, the Six Invitational will awake the second most populous city in Canada, from February 11 to 17, 2019. The sound of Rainbow Six: Siege will be heard throughout the city thanks to the biggest event of the game that will welcome the 16 best teams, from each region, who have won their ticket. Reciprocity is one of the American teams that will be looking to win the title of best team in the world. They got their ticket by winning the Dreamhack Montreal. HOP3Z, coach, and his players answered to our questions.

Could you please introduce the team for those who do not know you yet ?

We play under Team Reciprocity. The team consists of Retro, Mark, FoxA, Laxing, and Skys who is the newest addition. Robn and myself coach & analyze the team together.

You are in group A with FaZe Fnatic and NiP. Which one will be the hardest to beatn?

We play Fnatic first to start our group stage matches, so for now we are focused on them. Just based on past track record FaZe will most likely pose the biggest challenge for us out of all other teams in our group.

How do you think you can win against them ?

We will just have to do a lot of preparation against FaZe. They’ve struggled so far this season in Pro League but they aren’t playing at their full potential. They are more than capable of beating anyone and we have to be ready for anything.

Do you have any special preparation or bootcamp before an event such as the Six Invitational ?

Our bootcamp started late last week. All 5 players are in the team house where we have been trying to get in as much practice as possible. We’re also using this time to make some changes and reworks on a few maps and bombsites as well. Once all of our Pro League matches are done we’re shifting our full focus to the invitational. We are doing our best to come to Montreal as prepared as possible.

Which team do you fear the most for the Six Invitational ?

I’m sure it’s a common answer but there’s not really anyone we are scared to play against. Our team has 5 talented and flexible players that can go off in any given match. That's pretty much been the story of our current Pro League Season so far.

Who do you think will make it past the group phases ?

Our predictions below. But all the groups are so close and competitive anyone can make it through the group stages.

Group A : Reciprocity & FaZe

Group B : Empire & Rogue

Group C : G2 & Liquid

Group D : EG & LeStream

Any last words for the Rainbow Six community?

Well first off, we would like to thank our new org Reciprocity for all the support they’ve shown us. It’s just the beginning but the way they treat us really motivates us to perform well during Pro League and any future events.
Also, we would just like to thank our fans for their continued support. We know we’ve had a good start to Pro League Season 9 and we want to carry this momentum into the Six Invitational. We hope to see you all there!

Davide "FoxA" Bucci
Alexander "Retro" Lloyd 
Gabriel "LaXInG" Mirelez 
Mark "MarkTheShark" Arismendez 
Alexander "Skys" Magor 
Anthony "HOP3Z" (Coach)
Thomas "Robn" Linden (Analyst)