We did not know them until a few months ago, even though they have been playing for more than one year under Cyclops. They qualified for the Raleigh Major at the beginning of last month. They are based out of Osaka, Japan and are 1st in the Japanese Pro League before Nora Rengo with 7 victories and only 1 draw!


The CYCLOPS at the Alienware Japan League


We have not seen them yet on the international scene, but what they showed during the Major's qualifiers makes us want to see more.


To know more about them, ESIX asked a few questions to the team captain, Shokei:

ESIX : We do not know you on the international scene, could you introduce your team?

Shokei : Our team is a very young team with an average age of 18.8. Also, it is only two months since the current members have joined (gatorada, BlackRay, SuzuC). In the Japanese Pro League, we finished the first half without defeat and are currently the top spot.

ESIX : What are your roles in game?

Shokei : My role is support/flex. I adapt my gameplay depending on the other team. Using shields, planting, using hard breachers, attacking. Anitun and Gatorada do entries, BlackRay is a flex, SuzuC is a support breacher and XQQ is our coach.

ESIX : I saw ReyCil was a former member of the team, is that a benefit when you play against him in match?

Shokei : I was taught by him about game makeup. It will benefit maybe.

ESIX : At the moment you are first of the APAC Pro League in Japan. What makes you this strong?

Shokei : The team structure has changed significantly. There are one coach and two analysts. I cannot say in detail, but we changed the content and the approach of practice.

ESIX : It is your first time in an international tournament. How were the qualifiers?

Shokei : The APAC qualifiers were the same as every match. We are always looking at winning only.

ESIX : What do you think of the teams in your group? You are going to play against the winners of the last major, G2 Esports.

Shokei : We fight with confidence. Without being afraid of the current G2. I intend to win.

ESIX : A last word for your fans?

Shokei : We will do our best. And we will try to be a dark horse!


Shokei at the Alienware Japan League


Thanks to Shokei for his time, and we hope to see them on the big stage!