Team Liquid has been around Rainbow Six Siege just for a little over a year, and has consistently been on the top of the charts. They won the Pro League Season 7, the 2018 Brasileirão, and came 1st of the Six Invitational qualifiers for LATAM. They are known for their aggressive gameplay and constant innovation. We met with Team Liquid just before the Six Invitational.

ESIX: Could you please introduce the members of the team for the ones that do not know you yet?

Sensi: Hey everyone! I'm Sensi, the head coach for Team Liquid! In case you aren't familiar, our current lineup is ziG, Nesk, goHaN, Paluh, S3xyCake and my assistant coach and sixth player: Silence. We're all from Brazil and have been in the Siege scene for a while now ;)

ESIX: After the Six Major in Paris you decided to replace Bullet1 and psk1 by Paluh and gohaN, why did you make this decision?

Sensi: psk1 had some internal issues with his personal life, and that was affecting his work and play style. He always wanted to be a streamer and was so much under pressure at that time, and we all decided that it was better for him to stay inactive for a while. We replaced him with goHaN, an IGL we always needed. Bullet1 was always a great player, and still is, but again his playstile wasn't fitting in our gameplay. We needed to get someone colder for the role of entry-fragger, and we found Paluh which also brought a great operator pool to the table. We are still in touch with these guys and we will always love them, and thank them for all the work and achievement we had together!

ESIX: During the group phases, you will be faced with a team that you already know well, G2 Esports, last Pro League and Six Major champions. How do you prepare for the matchup?

Sensi: The same as every other opponent. G2 Esports is a team we need to be careful in every aspect of the game, because they're very smart and they can read the attacks and defenses very well, and everytime we play against eachother, we give all of our fans an amazing show! It's always a pleasure play against those guys.

ESIX: After so many Pro League games played and casted, are you worried about other teams knowing your strats? How do you prepare to counter it?

Sensi: Well I mean, every team attending the Six Invitational are in Pro League, and they mostly have the same amount of games streamed. The least one being APAC teams which in the past were kinda a pain to get VODs, but as of today they are also being streamed on their own channel. I mean, it's something you can't avoid... every team will have their strats being streamed in a way or another.

ESIX: Right now you are on the top end of LATAM Pro League season, just qualified for the Six Invitational, are you worried about anyone?

Sensi:  I would not say worried, but have a few teams getting our attention, yes. G2 (as usual) and Empire being one of the examples here.

ESIX: Who do you think will make it past group phases?

Sensi: Group A: FaZe and NiP. Group B: Empire and Rogue. Group C: G2 and Liquid. Group D: EG and LeStream.

ESIX: Any last words for the Rainbow Six community and your fans?

Sensi: Thanks everyone who supports us! Keep sending your messages! We appreciate all the love, even more those who are with us in victory and defeat, being the second one when we need you the most! Also thanks Team Liquid for being an amazing organization and providing every support we need, you guys rock! Sensi out.