Montreal is coming soon to host the biggest Rainbow Six : Siege competition in the world. The Six Invitational is the most anticipated tournament by fans. It's why we wanted to ask some questions to various teams. Today, it's Inyeong "SummerRain" Kim, coach assistant and manager for Mantis FPS who tell us about their Six Invitational.

Could you please introduce the team for those who do not know you yet ?

Hello, we are 'MantisFPS', a competitive team from South Korea. We have already made three major events, a Pro-League Season 6 finals in Brazil, Paris Major under the colors of 'Element Mystic' and this year the Six Invitational.

For some of your players It is the first time that you qualify for the Six Invitational, how does it feel ?

For all of us, it's our first Invitational, so we are very happy and excited. We can't believe we're going to play Six Invitational, there's no word to describe that.

What did you do or change in order to be qualified?

As a first step, we recruited a new member, Nova, to replace the former Lead in Game, OniChan who had a issue about 'military service' and he's now our Head Coach. About me, I'm now the sub coach and the manager of the team. We also changed our IGL system like Fnatic's do with Magnet & Lusty in IGL. So now we have EnvyTaylor as the main IGL and SweetBlack as co-IGL. With this new more structured system we are trying to optimize our communication, our style of play and our strategy. It was difficult to put in place.

What is your goal for the Six Invitational ?

At the Six Major in Paris, we had beaten Immortals but that was not enough for us to come out of the play-offs. Our goal is to come out of the plays-off to play the group stages. We also have an additional goal that concerns G2. The finals of Pro-League Season 6, in Brazil, was our first major event. We had fallen in front of Penta (now G2) and we had very easily lost. This time we want the match to be tight against them. We know, and it's no surprise to anyone, that G2 is the best team in the world. We have a very little chance of winning against G2. But, as I said, we do not want to lose easily this time. Even if we lose, if the match was a difficult win for them, it will give us strength and show that we have done a good job since Brazil. Step by step to become stronger and stronger.

Which team do you fear the most ?

Of course, it's G2 Esports, the best team in the world that has living legends. But we are also very excited to face them.

Who do you think will make it past the group phases ?

In my opinion, I think that Fnatic, NiP will come out of group A.
For group B I bet on Empire and Immortals.
For group D it will be E.G. and Penta.
I prefer to say nothing for group C because I hope to see surprises. I think you know why 😁

Any last words for the Rainbow Six community ?

Thank you for reading this interview. We are not the strongest team in the world or the most famous, but we know there are people who love our team and support us. So we will do our best as we always do, thank you.

Sung-su "EnvyTaylor" Kim
Inyup "Neilyo" Lee
Chan-yong "SweetBlack" Han
Yugeun "h3dy" Kwon
Si-hun "Nova" Lee 
Hyun "OniChan" Park (Head Coach)
Inyeong "SummerRain" Kim (Coach & Manager)