The 6CUP is getting closer, and qualifiers ended. ESIX spoke with Millenium to know more about their state of mind for this tournament. Each member have answered our questions.

ESIX :  Last year, the team won the 6CUP, do you come back this year with the will of keeping the title ?

Liven : We do, winning the 6CUP would be a good thing. We would remain undeafeted in this tournament and we could show what our new line-up is capable of.

ESIX : You are one of the best European team as shown by your results in Pro League. Do you feel any stress concerning this tournament ?

Hicks : No particular stress concerning this tournament, except the regular stress of wanting to performe the best we can, we will take the matchs as they come and we won't underestimate any team, especially in this kind of French tournament, where the players from the different teams know each other very well.

ESIX : The Paris Games Week is an important gathering, the occasion for you to meet your supporters, is it a source of stress or motivation ?

Risze : It is always a source of motivation to meet our supporters, obviously we don't want them to be disappointed but as experimented players, we learnt how to manage stress and to give our best when we are in game ! Personally, I cannot wait to be in front of the huge crowd of the Paris Games Week !

ESIX : Since the acquisition of AceeZ, in which dynamic is the team ?

Crapelle : We are in a strong working dynamic, stronger than we ever have. Since the changes after the Paris Major, I have changed our working program, with more hours, more regular VODs and strating sessions. I think the dynamic in general is good, even if we have a lot of work to achieve our goals.

ESIX : For this tournament, is there a team you are afraid to face ?

AceeZ : I don't feel like we fear any team but we respect every opponent, and we will give every game all our focus and energy to win this tournament in front of the french crowd, that I cannot wait to meet !

ESIX : Something to say to your fans ?

The team : We really thank them for their support, it matters to us !


Thanks to Millenium for their time, and we wish them good luck for this tournament !


Follow the 6CUP 2018 at the Paris Games Week in the Hall 3 on the Ubisoft scene or on Twitch and Youtube, October 27th and 28th 2018 with Scok, Furious and Sixquatre !